May 30, 2023

About Us

Our team of food lovers has been gathering prices for fast food restaurants for years. (More like 2013 in the days before anyone thought they could even do things like this to help society.) This is the reason we have more knowledge on fast-food than anyone would ever.

Now, at this stage, you may be thinking about the cost of fast food? Are you really that honest? Why should I care?

If you’re not surprised by the fact that we’ve done this over over 10 years (which suggests that we’re either extremely determined or ignorant) You should be aware it is because our menus were written by real, living people. They are not a computer that doesn’t understand the subtle differences between extra-large and large fries.

Everything on this website is fact-checked by our team, which is why so many brands put their trust in us, rather than (Our totally made-up competitor for illustration purposes.)

If a error occurs (not that it happens frequently) you can be sure that it was made by a person. This is why we are extremely sensitive to feedback. Simply send us a message when you spot something unusual and our helpful and friendly Jori will correct it in a flash.