June 2, 2023
Opening an Another Broken Egg Menu Cafe restaurant in Charleston wasn't a hard decision. The opportunity to bring a menu loaded with fresh.

If you’ve stumbled across the article in question, you’re likely to be a fan of eggs and you are planning to go to Another Broken Egg menu. In this article, we’ll provide you with about the Another Broken Egg menu.

The other Another Broken Egg menu features delicious and healthy breakfast choices. Try pancakes French toast, omelet, french toast sandwiches, benedicts, drinks, and salads from the menu.

Another Broken Egg Menu Prices

In addition to the menu, we’ve included the franchising and contact information for Another Broken egg at the end of this article.

Another Broken Egg is an American restaurant chain that serves brunch and breakfast, with smaller lunch menus. The Another Broken Egg menu. the company was founded by Ron Green in November 1996 in Old Mandeville, Louisiana. Since it, the company has grown to 57 franchises across different regions in the U.S.A.

Sweet Temptations

Sweet Temptations Price
Cinnamon Roll French Toast $13.99
Blueberry Bread French Toast $13.99
Lemon Blueberry Goat Cheese Pancakes $12.79
Mixed Berries Pancakes $12.29
Bananas Foster Pancakes $12.79
Buttermilk Pancakes $11.79
Gluten-Friendly Pancakes $12.39
Pancake Trio Flight $13.89
Belgian Waffle $11.79
Classic French Toast $11.79
Ipanema® Estate Coffee Pancakes $12.29

Omelettes & Scramblers

Omelets & Scramblers Price
The Supreme Omelette $12.29
Sunrise Spinach Scrambler $11.69
Lobster & Brie Omelette $15.99
Southwest Scrambler $11.99
Mardi Gras Omelette $13.99
Hey Lucy!® Omelette $12.29
The Floridian™ Omelette $13.49
Bacquezo® Omelette $12.29

Brunch Specialties

Shrimp ‘N Grits $14.69
Chicken & Waffles $11.99
Country Fried Steak Benedict $13.99
Smoked Salmon Benedict $15.49
Crab Cake Benedict $15.29
Eggs Blackstone Benedict $13.29
Lobster & Brie Omelette $15.99
Crab Cake & Fried Green Tomatoes $14.99
Louisiana Crawfish Bowl $13.99

Traditional Classics 

Eggs Benedict $13.29
BROKEN EGG® Biscuit Sandwich $9.99
Biscuit & Gravy $10.99
Huevos Rancheros $11.59
Traditional Day Starter $10.49
Classic Bacon Burger $10.99
Nellie’s Chicken Sandwich $10.99
The B.L.A.S.T. $10.99
California Club $10.99
Turkey Mozzarella Panini $10.99
Benedict Burger $10.99
Chicken, Mango and Spinach Salad $10.99
Southwest Chop Salad $10.99

Kid’s Menu

Kids’ Chocolate Chip Pancakes $6.49
Kids’ Dollar Pancakes $6.49
Kids’ French Toast Sampler $6.49
Kids’ Little Rooster $6.49
Kids’ Waffle Sampler $6.49

Lunch Family Meals

Shrimp & Grits Platter $79.99
Salmon Power Bowl Platter $82.99
Gluten-Friendly Pancake Platter $59.99
Buttermilk Pancake Platter $39.99
Granola, Fruit & Quinoa Power Bowl Platter $74.99
Louisiana Crawfish Bowl Platter $69.99
Bananas Foster Pancake Platter $59.99
Lox & Bagels Platter $49.99
Southwest Scrambler Platter $49.99
Classic French Toast Platter $39.99
Skinny Scrambler Platter $44.99
The Supreme Scrambler Platter $39.99
Fresh Seasonal Fruit Platter $39.99
Make It A Scrambler Platter $34.99
Potato Sensations Platter $29.99
Scrambled Eggs Platter $19.99
Biscuits & Gravy Platter $29.99
Chicken & Biscuit Sandwich Platter $27.99
Meat Platters $19.99
Side Item Platters $12.99
Bulk Juices $10.99
Bulk Barista House Blend Coffee $29.99
Bulk Iced Tea (Sweetened or Unsweet) $14.99
Culinary Extras $0.79
Make-It-Yourself Mimosa Kit 21+ ONLY $45.00
Make-It-Yourself Bloody Mary Kit 21+ ONLY $45.00

Gluten Friendly Options

Gluten-Friendly Pancakes $12.39
Pancake Trio Flight – Gluten Friendly $13.89
Hey Lucy!® Omelette – Gluten Friendly $11.69
The Supreme Omelette – Gluten Friendly $11.99
Sunrise Spinach Scrambler – Gluten Friendly $11.39
The Floridian™ Omelette – Gluten Friendly $12.99
Skinny Omelette – Gluten Friendly $11.69
Bacquezo® Omelette – Gluten Friendly $11.49
Veggie Delight Omelette – Gluten Friendly $11.39
Traditional Day Starter – Gluten Friendly $10.29
Shrimp ‘N Grits – Gluten Friendly $14.49
Salmon Avocado Toast – Gluten Friendly $14.39
Salmon Power Bowl – Gluten Friendly $15.99
Chicken, Mango and Spinach Salad – Gluten Friendly $10.69
Nellie’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich – Gluten Friendly $10.69
Classic Bacon Burger – Gluten Friendly $10.49
California Club – Gluten Friendly $10.69
Three-Cheese Veggie Omelette – Gluten Friendly $12.49
Kids’ Little Rooster – Gluten Friendly $7.29
Kids’ Chocolate Chip Gluten-Friendly Pancakes $6.29
Kids’ Dollar Gluten-Friendly Pancakes $7.29

Vegetarian Options

Buttermilk Pancakes $11.59
Mixed Berries Pancakes $12.29
Bananas Foster Pancakes $12.59
Lemon Blueberry Goat Cheese Pancakes $12.29
Pancake Trio Flight $13.69
Gluten-Friendly Pancakes $12.29
Cinnamon Roll French Toast $13.39
Classic French Toast $11.59
Vegetarian Hey Lucy!® Omelette $11.69
Ipanema® Estate Coffee Pancakes $12.29
Skinny Omelette $11.69
Granola, Fruit & Quinoa Power Bowl $11.59
Three-Cheese Veggie Omelette $12.49
Southwest Chop Salad $10.69
Sunrise Spinach Scrambler $11.39
Huevos Rancheros $11.29

How to open Another Broken Egg Cafe franchise?

  1. Ensure you have adequate capitalization.
    In order to open Another Broken Egg Cafe franchise, you must have a net worth of more than $505,500.
  2. Appreciate the investment required for a franchise.
    You will need to consider building and real estate costs, the cost of equipment and signs, the costs of licenses and permits, the cost of uniforms, the cost of insurance, etc.
  3. Evaluate your prior experience and strengths.
    You should thoroughly evaluate your prior business experience before applying to become Another Broken Egg Cafe franchise owner.
  4. Assess market availability.
    You will want to look at the market availability for Another Broken Egg Cafe franchises and see if there are available markets in your location of interest before proceeding with the franchising application.
  5. Submit your application.
    Your application will be reviewed by the Another Broken Egg Cafe franchise team. You will be emailed a confirmation receipt upon reception of your online application, where we will additionally provide the contact details of the franchise owner.
  6. Receive approval & open your Another Broken Egg Cafe franchise.
    You will receive franchise approval once your financial and background checks are completed. Approval will only be given to candidates who meet all the requirements of franchise owners.

Important Links

Official Website anotherbrokenegg.com/
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Another Broken Egg Contact Details

Another Broken Egg Office Address– 5955 T.G. Lee Blvd. Suite 100
Orlando, FL 32822

Another Broken Egg Phone Number– 407-440-0450

You can also contact the team of Another Broken Egg by using the contact form on their website.

Social Profiles

Facebook: facebook.com/AnotherBrokenEgg/

Instagram: instagram.com/anotherbrokenegg/

Twitter: twitter.com/BrokenEggCafe