March 23, 2023
Baja Fresh Catering Menu makes catering possible, convenient, and eco-friendly. They cleanly place the catered food in reusable bags with complete utensils...

Baja Fresh Catering Menu: Baja Fresh, a Canadian franchisee, is a casual fast-food establishment that offers Tex-Mex food. Baja Fresh founders Jim and Linda Magglos took a chance by opening their own food company. 

Baja Fresh was purchased by Wendy’s in 2002. However, they soon realized that it wouldn’t last.

In 2010, Dubai was the first to open an international expansion. They opened another one in the exact same spot in 2014 after it was a huge success. The company decided to open a food truck within the country, as it was a popular trend.

Baja Fresh Catering Menu

Because they are passionate about serving high-quality food, many customers continue to support the restaurant. Their logo says “Live Fresh” and that is exactly what they offer their customers. They do not use canned goods, but only fresh ingredients. This is something they are proud of.

Good food can make a difference in your mood. They only use fresh, farm-fresh ingredients. They place great importance on nutrition so they offer the best food for vegetarians and people on a restricted diet. One of their many unique features is the salsa bar. One’s dream is to eat unlimited salsa. This may be why so many people come to their store.

Baja Fresh Catering Menu Prices 2022

Item Price

Baja Fresh  Party Packs, Platters, & Buffets 2022

Fajita Fiesta (serves 10) $79.99
5 Baja Burritos Party Pack (serves 5) $44.95
5 Baja Burritos Party Pack with Steak (serves 5) $46.95
5 Baja Burritos Party Pack with Baja Ensalada & Steak (serves 5) $46.95
New Deluxe Sampler Platter (serves 6) $59.99
New Deluxe Sampler Platter with Steak (serves 6) $69.99
5 Cheese Quesadillas Party Pack (serves 5) $37.99
5 Cheese Quesadillas Party Pack with Chicken (serves 5) $39.99
5 Cheese Quesadillas Party Pack with Steak (serves 5) $41.99
5 Cheese Quesadillas Party Pack with Baja Ensalada & Steak (serves 5) $39.99
10 Tacos Party Pack (serves 5) $34.99
10 Tacos Party Pack with Steak (serves 5) $36.99
10 Tacos Party Pack with Baja Ensalada & Steak (serves 5) $36.99
20 Chicken Taquitos Party Pack (serves 6) $39.95
20 Chicken Taquitos Party Pack with Baja Ensalada & Steak (serves 6) $41.95

Baja Fresh Salads & Sides Menu 2022

Guacamole and Chips $3.59/person
Mango Chipotle Chicken Salad (serves 5) $29.99
Caesar Salad (serves 5) $29.99
Baja Ensalada (serves 5) $29.99
Black Beans $3.95/person
Pinto Beans $3.95/person
Rice $3.95/person
5 Churros (serves 6) $4.95

Baja Fresh Beverages Menu 2022

Assorted Individual Sodas $1.89/person
Bottled Water $1.99/person
Bottled Vitamin Water $2.39/person

Pros Baja Fresh Catering Menu prices 2022

Baja Fresh Catering is an important idea because they must maintain the freshness and quality of their ingredients. They take pride in their handmade meals, which is a sign of how much they love what they do. 

These things can be risky and time-consuming but you would be amazed at how quickly they can deliver their food to you wherever you are.

Coupons are not only for dine-in customers. You can also find the latest codes and coupons for catering customers. You can get drink refills, a $30 discount, $26-salad party packs, and many other benefits.

How to order Baja Fresh Catering Menu

The fresh and hot meals are rated 5 stars by customers who have eaten here. Their only problem is the inaccessibility of their menu. While some guests may be unsure about the cost and add-ons, overall they are satisfied with the food.

Baja Fresh caters in a way that is convenient, eco-friendly, and makes it possible. The catered food is placed in reusable bags that include all the necessary utensils. You can choose from a Sampler Platter, salads, or Classic Party Packs. They also offer Mix and Match, Dessert and Sides, and other beverages.

Baja Fresh’s delicious meals are available to you without waiting in long lines. Mobile apps can be downloaded for faster access. To access the services offered by the restaurant, make sure you choose one near you.

Customers may not be aware that, aside from great food, they have been partnering with “No Kid Hungry” for many years. This partnership is in support of the group’s goal to end hunger in America. Baja Fresh gives ‘No Kid Hungry” gift cards to its valued customers. This could help one-fifth of the children in need, which is a great idea.

Baja Fresh is working hard to improve the pick-up process. To ensure a pleasant experience, make sure you eat the ordered food. Be aware that some vouchers may not be applicable to the food you desire to ask questions so you don’t get surprised by what you receive.

Baja Fresh Catering Menu Reviews

Baja Fresh customers often describe their food as ”Crispy,” ‘Yummy,’ and ‘Warm. The catering service is very clean. Their only problem is the price.

Because the fresh ingredients speak for themselves, clients understand this. You can also last for days on one Burrito. You won’t regret spending your money on the perfect meal.

Baja Fresh, however, is struggling to compete with similar restaurants. Because the price and quality are so similar, many people don’t get the logic. There may be a significant difference in the marketing strategy.

Baja Fresh’s strengths include its fresh food, detailed information on its online menu, and catering. It is also gaining attention thanks to Wendy’s, its parent company.

This is an ideal time to expand internationally. This can increase awareness of Mexican cuisines. It can also familiarize people with the cuisine they serve.

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