March 23, 2023
Entire Baskin Robbins menu prices. Find various cups and cones, sundaes, parfaits, and cakes. Try their classic ice cream treat or whipped cream.

Baskin Robbins Menu Prices: Click below to see the most current Baskin Robbins prices. Baskin Robbins menu contains their most famous Baskin Robbins flavors together with other popular products like the Warm Desserts, Cappuccino Blast, Smoothies, Shakes, and many more. 

Baskin Robbins flavors are constant in the majority of cases apart from the addition of new flavors each month/season.

Baskin Robbins Menu Prices

Cold Stone prices Cinnabon prices and Jerry’s prices, Haagen Dazs prices along with Sweet Frog prices are also offered, as are the same menu item.

Baskin-Robbins is renowned for its distinctive flavors of Ice cream. The menu features meals, drinks, new items, and polar pizzas including hand-packed ice-cream cappuccino blasts, almond-chocolate-dipped bananas oreo cookies and cream Ice cream, and many more.

This is just a brief outline of the menu. the entire menu is listed below. Beyond the menu, I’ll provide information about franchising, contact details, and the nutritional breakdown of the items on the menu of Baskin-Robbins. Before you jump into our menu, let’s go through a look at the history of Baskin-Robbins.

Baskin-Robbins is an American-based cream parlor chain created with the energetic duo Irv Robbins as well as Burt Baskin in 1945. The First Baskin-Robbins store opened within Glendale, California. It is now the largest chain of ice cream worldwide.

Baskin Robbins Scoops Menu 2022

Kid’s Scoop Varies $2.39
Single Scoop Varies $2.79
Double Scoop Varies $3.99
WAFFLE CONES (Additional Charge)
Regular 160Cal $0.99
Chocolate Dipped 190Cal $0.99
Fancy 320Cal $1.49

Baskin Robbins Build you Own Menu 2022

1 Scoop Varies $3.49
2 Scoops Varies $4.49
3 Scoops Varies $5.49
TOPPINGS (Additional Charge)
Candy Toppings Varies $0.99
Waffle Bowl Varies $0.99

Baskin Robbins Sundaes Menu 2022

Banana Royale Sundae 680Cal $5.49
Brownie Sundae 800Cal $5.49
Classic Banana Split Sundae 970Cal $6.49
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Sundae 1250Cal $5.99
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Sundae 1100Cal $5.99
Oreo Sundae 820Cal $5.99
Made with Snickers Sundae 1060Cal $5.99
1 Scoop Varies $3.49
2 Scoops Varies $4.49
3 Scoops Varies $5.49
Candy Toppings (each) Varies $0.99
Waffle Bowl Varies $0.99

Baskin Robbins Grab-N-Go Menu 2022

Pre-packed Quart Varies $5.99
Hand-packed Pint Varies $4.99
Hand-packed Quart Varies $7.79
Hand-packed 1/2 Gallon Varies $12.40
Cake Bites Varies $2.99
Clown Cones Varies $24.90

                            Baskin Robbins Shakes Menu 2022
Available in Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Very Berry, Oreo Cookies ‘n Cream, Peanut Butter, Mint Chocolate Chip, Gold Medal Ribbon, Jamoca

Mini Shake 280-600Cal $3.59
Small Shake 370-740Cal $4.59
Medium Shake 520-1020Cal $5.59
Large Shake 800-1670Cal $6.59

Baskin Robbins Smoothies Menu 2022
Available in Strawberry Banana, Mango Banana, Tropical Banana

Mini Smoothies 250-310Cal $3.99
Small Smoothies 350-440Cal $4.99
Medium Smoothies 520-620Cal $5.99
Large Smoothies 710-870Cal $6.59

Baskin Robbins Cappuccino Blast Menu 2022
Available in Original, Mocha, Caramel, Turtle, Oreo ‘n Cookies

Mini Cappuccino Blast 210-380Cal $3.49
Small Cappuccino Blast 300-500Cal $4.49
Medium Cappuccino Blast 460-760Cal $5.49
Large Cappuccino Blast 580-940Cal $6.19
Add a Boost 15-60Cal $0.50

Baskin Robbins Warm Desserts Menu 2022

Warm Sundae Cookie Single 360-570Cal $4.49
Warm Sundae Cookie Double 710-1330Cal $6.39
Warm Brownie Sundae 490-970Cal $5.49
Warm Cookie Sandwich Single 470-800Cal $3.49
Warm Cookie Sandwich Double 580-970Cal $4.49
Cookie 1pc 160-180Cal $0.79
Cookies 2pc 320-360Cal $1.19

Baskin-Robbins Review

There’s a warm comfortable, warm, and candy-colored ice cream shop whenever you go to each Baskin & Robbin location. There are numerous seating options to choose from, such as couches, booths, and booths. 

There are breakfast bars, and some have outdoor seating. They are warm and friendly and will do whatever it takes to ensure that you’re satisfied. They provide more than their original flavors of 31. 

The more healthy option would be one of their BRight Choices range, which was introduced in 2008. The brand has a broad selection of flavors, including chocolate chip, black walnut cookie dough, and the classic butter pecan. 

The gold medal ribbon flavor is a well-loved choice. If you’re not sure what flavor to choose you can ask one of their friendly staff members to get the pink spoon. You can then explore different flavors until discover you’re preferred. 

The customers are entertained by the seasonal and special flavors, while also enjoying their favorite flavor choices. The frozen desserts are thick smooth, delicious, and creamy. 

Expect to be charged between $2 to $5 for a cone, cup, or soft drink upon your arrival. A Sundae is priced at around $5. Baskin & Robbin consistently ranks as one of the best Ice cream chains in the world. Their entire lives have been dedicated to serving delicious products with helpful service. They enjoy making people smile.

Baskin-Robbins History

Baskin Robbins was the creation of two brothers-in-law Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins. Both were fans of ice cream and began their career in this business in the year 1945. Both shared the same food philosophy and were dedicated to providing a broad range of flavors and premium products. By 1948, they owned six stores in total.

In 1953, the duo teamed up and rebranded their stores to become the famous Baskin & Robbin brand that is now so well-known. Utilizing pastel colors to recreate the excitement and fun of fairs and carnivals, the famous pink spoon was born in the belief that consumers ought to be able to taste any flavor. Since the beginning of the company in the year 2000, they’ve produced more than 1,000 flavors.

In the 1960s, they had more than 400 stores across the US and were constantly receiving gold medals for the high quality of their products at state and county fairs. In the 1970s the business expanded internationally, opening stores all over the world. There are now more than 50 stores all over the world.

The chain has gone through several ownership changes, but it’s currently controlled by Dunkin’ Brands, Inc. As a result of this partnership, there has been a collaboration of Baskin & Robbin’s with Dunkin Donuts. 

The franchises remain built upon the franchise contract originally signed that was drafted through Baskin as well as Robbin. With more than 7,300 locations, they’re in the lead of the industry with their delicious, smooth frozen ice cream that comes in flavors that can be customized to meet the needs of any customer.

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Baskin-Robbins Contact Details

Baskin-Robbins Corporate Office Address– Baskin-Robbins 1137 E Grand River Ave, East Lansing, MI 48823

Baskin-Robbins Corporate Office Contact Number– 0191 247 7618

Baskin-Robbins Customer Support Phone Number: 800-859-5339

You can also contact the team of Baskin-Robbins by using the Contact form on their website.

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