June 2, 2023
Up to date Chuck E Cheese's Menu Prices and prices, including breakfast, dinner, kid's meal, and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Chuck E Cheese’s Menu Prices: Chuck E. Cheese is known for its pizzas, wings food, salads, desserts, and drinks. 

The thing that makes them unique is arcade-style games and amusement rides and animatronic exhibits they have in their stores. It is possible to have a meal for less than $20 in these restaurants.

Chuck E. Cheese menu includes pizzas, wings as well as desserts and salads, and a well-stocked salad bar to satisfy conscious eaters. 

Chuck E. Cheese menu costs are so low it is possible to throw an extravagant kids’ birthday party at one of their establishments that won’t be a burden on your budget.

Chuck E Cheese's Menu Prices

Chuck E.Cheese Chuck E.Cheese is a well-recognized home for kid’s pizza events. The chain of pizza and party restaurants for children is serving entertainment since its opening. 

Chuck E.Cheese’s menu for birthday parties is modified to suit the individual’s preferences in food. I’ve provided an appetizing menu that includes the most current price information, amazing facts, and more in this post.

Chuck E. Cheese is known for its pizzas wings, salads, desserts subs, drinks, and pizzas. It is possible to get an affordable meal for less than twenty dollars in Chuck E. Cheese. 

The thing that makes them unique is gaming arcade, amusement rides, and animatronic exhibits. They feature amazing themes that are related to characters from cartoons. There are awe-inspiring wall spaces with animated animals.

Food Cal Price

Chuck E Cheese’s Value Deals Menu 2022

1 Medium Pizza (1 Topping Pizza), 2 Soft Drinks, 15 Game Tokens 1730 $19.99
1 Large Pizza (1 Topping Pizza), 4 Soft Drinks, 30 Game Tokens 2468 $29.99
1 Large Pizza (1 Topping Pizza), 4 Soft Drinks, 80 Game Tokens 2468 $39.99
2 Large Pizza (Two 1 Topping Pizzas), 4 Soft Drinks, 70 Game Tokens 4496 $49.99

Chuck E Cheese’s Token Packages Menu 2022

30 Tokens $10.00
80 Tokens $20.00
150 Tokens (Best Value) $30.00

Chuck E Cheese’s Pizzas Menu 2022

Individual Cheese 517 $5.99
Toppings (ea.) $0.89
Medium Cheese 1510 $9.99
Toppings (ea.) $1.79
Large Cheese 2028 $12.99
Toppings (ea.) $1.99

Chuck E Cheese’s Specialty Pizzas Menu 2022

Super Combo (Medium) 179 $12.99
Super Combo (Large) 201 $16.99
All Meat Combo (Medium) 187 $12.99
All Meat Combo (Large) 216 $16.99
BBQ Chicken (Medium) 146 $12.99
BBQ Chicken (Large) 196 $16.99
Vegetarian (Medium) 160 $12.99
Vegetarian (Large) 179 $16.99
Gluten-Free 370 $5.99

Chuck E Cheese’s Beverages Menu 2022

Adult Soft Drink 110 $1.99
Kids Soft Drink 90 $1.79
Iced Tea 0 $1.99
Bottled Water 0 $1.99
Milk 103 $1.69
Apple Juice 120 $1.69
Coffee 10 $1.69
Regular Beer 153 $2.99
Large Beer 260 $3.99

Chuck E Cheese’s Salad Bar Menu 2022

All You Can Eat Salad 150 $6.99
Add Chicken 280 $1.79

Chuck E Cheese’s Buffalo Wings Menu 2022

Traditional Wings or Boneless Wings

Small (serves approx. 2) 156 $8.99
Family (serves approx. 4) 312 $17.49
Party (serves approx. 6) 468 $25.99

Chuck E Cheese’s Entrees Menu 2022

Chicken Ciabatta 650 $6.99
Ham & Cheese Ciabatta 621 $6.99
Italian Sub 729 $6.99
Hot Dog 346 $3.99
Adult Chicken Nuggets 378 $8.99
Kids Chicken Nuggets 189 $3.99

Chuck E Cheese’s Additions Menu 2022

Sampler Platter 2196 $17.99
Cheesy Breadsticks 110 $5.49
Large French Fries 645 $1.99
Apple Dessert Pizza 106 $2.99
Cinnamon Sticks 68 $2.99
8″ Round Cake 290 $9.99
Gluten-Free Cupcake 380 $2.99

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About Chuck E. Cheese’s

It’s Chuck E. Cheese prices are affordable for families in that parents are able to treat their children regularly to their meals and snacks. Nolan Bushnell, its founder of the chain, designed the first restaurant as a place for families, also, where families could take advantage of good food and great entertainment (i.e. video games as well as arcade games).

It is said that the Chuck E. Cheese chain is a popular choice for family and buddies to their sites due to its dual offerings that include restaurants and an entertainment area for children. 

The restaurant section includes an eating area where guests can enjoy delicious meals and refreshing drinks. The entertainment center features video games and amusements and animated displays.

The menu features pizzas as the most popular items and also Buffalo wings and chocolate cupcakes. Buffalo wings, cold-cut sandwiches, to name a few.

The salad bar is fully-stocked to please even the most health-conscious customers with its variety of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as dressings and toppings.

Above are the most current Chuck E prices. Cheese’s menu prices.

For more details about Chuck E. Cheese’s, visit their official website.

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