June 2, 2023
CiCi's menu prices for your favorite pizzas FAST plus a variety of pasta and desserts. Did we mention all-you-can eat? We did and for one low price.

Cicis Pizza Menu Prices – Latest Menu List 2021

Cicis Pizza Menu Prices are simple and can be listed here. CiCi’s created the concept of an unlimited pizza menu. 

There are many who have copied the idea but none have the same value as CiCi’s. CiCi is aware that differences are what bring flavor to your life. Be yourself, and be unique. Individuality is the norm at CiCi’s.

cicis pizza menu prices

The buffet table is a great place to enjoy hot pizza, fresh, delicious salads, tasty sides, and sweet desserts. All for a low cost. There’s more. 

Certain locations now offer crispy chicken wings that come in four flavors (extra cost). The latest addition added to the pizza menu can be found in Flatbread Pizza in 3 new flavors.

The following are the most recent Prices for CiCi’s Pizza price list.


Cicis Pizza Specialty Recipes Menu 2022

Meat Eater Pizza $9.37
Supreme Pizza $9.73
Zesty Pepperoni Pizza $7.21
Hawaiian Pizza $7.09
Veggie Pizza $8.78
Mac and Cheese Pizza $6.89
Spinach Alfredo Pizza $6.99
Buffalo Chicken Pizza $6.98
Classic Chicken Pizza $7.05
Alfredo Pizza $6.93

Cicis Pizza Traditional Specialty Recipes Menu 2022

Cheese $8.79
Hawaiian $7.88
Spinach Alfredo $8.22
Buffalo Chicken $7.73
Classic Chicken $7.56
Alfredo $7.78
Zesty Ham & Cheddar $7.99
Zesty Pepperoni $8.09

Cicis Pizza Popular Items Menu 2022

Cinnamon Rolls $5.36
Brownies $5.86
Meat Eater Pan Pizza $11.22

Cicis Pizzas Menu 2022

Medium One Topping Pizza $5.82
Large One Topping Pizza $7.57
Stuffed Crust Pepperoni Pizza $9.36
Stuffed Crust Cheese Pizza $9.34

Cicis Pizza Wings Menu 2022

Wings $4.68
Ten Piece Wings $9.05
Twenty Piece Wings $17.48
Fifty Piece Wings $41.54
Five Piece Wings $5.16

Cicis Pizza Sides Menu 2022

16 Pieces Garlic Cheesy Bread $5.21
Garlic Cheese Bread $6.64
Side of Ranch $0.78

Cicis Pizza Value Packs Menu 2022

Value Pack #1 $18.87
Value Pack #2 $13.09
Value Pack #3 $16.55
Value Pack #4 $22.96
Value Pack #5 $30.72
Value Pack #6 $15.01
Value Pack #7 $18.78
Value Pack #8 $41.59
Value Pack #9 $78.44

Cicis Pizza Desserts Menu 2022

24 Pieces Fudge Brownie $5.34
Apple Dessert Pizza $6.08
20 Pieces Cinnamon Roll $5.09
Apple Pizza $5.12
Bavarian Dessert Pizza $6.21
Bavarian Pizza $5.14

Cicis Pizza History

The year was 1985. Mike Cole and Joe Croce created CiCi’s with the first restaurant within Plano, Texas. From the beginning, the company was built on the concept of creating distinctive dining experiences that allow guests can design their own tastes and consequently, let their own individuality be the deciding factor. 

In 2001, the company had 363 restaurants, and they began expanding their buffets. It was so successful that the number of locations grew to over 500 in just four years, getting it the status as the fastest-growing pizza chain. In November of 2015, its name was changed to “Cicis” with “Beyond Pizza” as an alteration in addition to the creation of a new logo and website.

What They’re Famous For

CiCi’s is famous for its wide selection of pizza ingredients ranging from traditionally processed meats, freshly cooked vegetables, and herbs, to wacky chocolates as well as marshmallows and tofu, and many more. 

Look at the myriad of items on the buffet, and make your own pizza. If your favorite ingredients are not available, you can ask the server to prepare your pizza according to your preferences.

Why Eat Here

Apart from the low CiCi’s Pizza cost, being regular customers of your local pizza restaurant is a good idea. The pizza chain has been awarded multiple times by the business for its nutritious menu that is kid- and family-friendly facilities, and ingenious concepts. Its awards include its 2014.

Techonomic Consumer’s Choice award as the most kid-friendly fast-service eatery; Parents magazine and Zagat acknowledged it as the most family-friendly restaurant, and it was ranked among the best pizza chain in the Restaurants & Institutions section in the category of Consumers’ Choice in Chains and other categories. The food here is delicious because of the following reasons:

  • The best pizzas are offered with custom pizzas that are available on request along with a vast selection of delicious desserts like brownies, cinnamon rolls as well as dessert pizzas (e.g., Bavarian, apple)
  • Modern, clean, and hygiene-conscious facilities, with child-friendly amenities like the bathroom facilities
  • Televisions and music pipes in a variety of places
  • Staff who were friendly and knowledgeable. were prepared to teach their knowledge with children and make suggestions.

To find out more about CiCi’s Pizza or to find the nearest location go to the website of CiCi’s Pizza by visiting www.cicis.com.

Important Links

Official Website cicis.com/
Careers cicis.com/careers/
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Franchise franchise.cicis.com/
Gift Cards cicis.com/gift-card/

CiCi’s Pizza Contact Information

CiCi’s Pizza Office Address: 1080 W Bethel Rd, Coppell TX

CiCi’s Pizza Phone Number: (972) 745-4200

You can also contact the team of CiCi’s Pizza by using the contact form on their website.

Social Profiles

Facebook Pagefacebook.com/Cicis

Instagram Account: instagram.com/officialcicis/

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/MyCiCis

YouTube Channel: youtube.com/user/cicispizza1985

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