May 30, 2023
View the latest Hard Rock Cafe Menu prices for the entire menu including starters, salads, burgers, sandwiches, smokehouse, entrees, and sides.

Hard Rock Cafe Menu: The site is provided Hard Rock Cafe menu prices. Hard Rock Cafe is a chain of restaurants with a music theme serving authentic American food with the Southern emphasis, and local favorites.

The menu is comprised of classic dishes delicious burgers, succulent ribs, juicy burgers, BBQ chicken, steaks, and sandwiches. 

Customers can also pick delicious desserts or cocktails made by hand and cold beers. Kids are also welcome in the Hard Rock Cafe and get to choose from their special menu.

Hard Rock Cafe Menu

While the franchise is based on a unifying theme, each location is distinct, and each Hard Rock Cafe menu. While there are some standard items across every Hard Rock Cafe menu and prices are generally similar, you’ll want to visit different locations to discover different settings and menu options. 

If you’re in New York City, you cannot pass up this New York strip steak, featuring a 12-ounce piece of beef prime that is aged for 28 days, then grilled to order with it.

There is a Hardrock Cafe menu that is popular for its variety of burgers that are cooked perfectly and exactly to your liking. Fiesta Burger, for instance. Fiesta Burger, for example, can be served with a toasty Brioche bun.

It is then topped with melting Jack cheese as well as roasted jalapeno salsa fresh guacamole and lettuce, tomato as well as Pico de Gallo. 

You could also take a look at the Hickory Barbeque Bacon Cheeseburger featuring hickory barbeque sauce, bacon smoked perfect caramelized onions, Cheddar cheese, lettuce, and tomato. 

Of course, every burger that is on the menu at the Hardrock Cafe menu is served with Hard Rock’s famous fries that are seasoned to perfection for the perfect and delicious dish that’s certain satisfy.

If you’re looking to enjoy a traditional burger with fries or a steak, seafood, or the famous Twisted mac, chicken, and Cheese, the Hard Rock Cafe menu is always affordable and reasonable. 

The ambiance in each location is distinct and captivating. You might meet one of the rock ‘n’ roll legends when you stop by at one of the Hard Rock Cafe locations in Hollywood, New York, or other cities across the globe.

How do you feel about what you think of Hard Rock Cafe menu prices? Are you a fan of their Twisted mac, chicken, and Cheese? Tell us about your most-loved food and the best place to eat it.

Food Price

Hard Rock Cafe Starters Menu 2022

Jumbo Combo $19.95
Spinach Artichoke Dip $10.95
Wings $11.95
Tupelo Chicken Tenders $10.95
Classic Nachos $10.95
Classic Nachos (with southwest chicken) $14.95
Classic Nachos (with fajita beef) $16.45
Balsamic Tomato Bruschetta $10.95
Potato Skins $10.95

Hard Rock Cafe Salads Menu 2022

Caesar Salad $11.50
Caesar Salad (with grilled chicken) $15.50
Caesar Salad (with grilled shrimp) $20.45
Caesar Salad (with grilled salmon) $20.25
Cobb Salad $13.95
Grilled Chicken Chop Salad $13.95
Grilled Chicken Arugula Salad $13.95

Hard Rock Cafe Entrees Menu 2022

Famous Fajitas (duo combo) $19.95
Famous Fajitas (trio combo) $21.95
Famous Fajitas (grilled beef) $19.95
Famous Fajitas (grilled chicken) $18.95
Famous Fajitas (grilled shrimp) $19.95
Twisted Mac, Chicken & Cheese $16.95

Hard Rock Cafe Steaks Menu 2022

Cowboy Rib Eye $31.95
Cowboy Rib Eye (with shrimp skewer) $40.90
New York Strip Streak $25.95
New York Strip Streak (with shrimp skewer) $34.90

Hard Rock Cafe Seafood Menu 2022

Grilled Norwegian Salmon $19.95
Fried Shrimp Platter $17.95

Hard Rock Cafe Sides Menu 2022

Seasoned French Fries $4.50
Fresh Seasonal Vegetables $4.50
Twisted Mac & Cheese $5.95
Hand Breaded Onion Ring Tower $6.95
Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes $4.50

Hard Rock Cafe Smokehouse Menu 2022

Hickory-Smoked Ribs $23.95
Barbecue Chicken $19.95
Hickory-Smoked Barbecue Combo (duo combo) $21.95
Hickory-Smoked Barbecue Combo (trio combo) $24.95

Hard Rock Cafe Smokehouse Sandwiches Menu 2022

Hickory-Smoked Pulled Pork $12.95
Hickory-Smoked Pulled Chicken $12.95
The Texan $12.95
Go big (10-oz) $16.95

Hard Rock Cafe Burgers Menu 2022

Hickory Barbecue Bacon Cheeseburger $14.95
The Big Cheeseburger $14.95
Lil Legendary Burger $12.50
Fiesta Burger $14.95
Original Legendary Burger $14.95
Local Legendary $14.95
Mushroom & Swiss Burger $14.95
Veggie Leggie $14.95
Sub Onion Rings $3.50
Braised Mushrooms $1.95
Caramelized Onions $1.80

Hard Rock Cafe Sandwiches Menu 2022

Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken Sandwich $12.95
Classic Club Sandwich $12.95
Fresh Vegetable Sandwich $12.95

Hard Rock Cafe Desserts Menu 2022

Hot Fudge Brownie $8.95
Cheesecake Made With Oreo Cookie Pieces $7.95
Chocolate Molten Cake $7.95
Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream (small) $4.95
Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream (large) $5.95
Baker’s Choice s/p
Fresh Apple Cobbler $7.95

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Now guests can submit reservations prior to the time and waiting in line is no longer necessary. Customers can request priority seating online. There is no same-day seating available. Find all the details on the official Hard Rock website.

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Group Events

Hard Rock’s unique approach will make your next gathering or event a complete success. With numerous locations to pick from, unparalleled facilities, specially-designed menus, and knowledgeable employees, the next gathering will succeed without being a problem. Contact the location you prefer to find out more information or visit Hard Rock Cafe’s Hard Rock Cafe website to find out more.


Hard Rock Cafe’s rock & roll memorabilia was first discovered in 1979, with Eric Clapton’s Red Fender II, who was one of their patrons in London. Pete Townsend of The Who also joined in, and famous rockers such as Jon Bon Jovi started donating as well. 

The Hard Rock Cafe is in possession of around 77,000 items spread throughout its many locations across the globe. Deep Purple launched their album “Rapture of the Deep” at the Hard Rock Cafe London.


Since its inception, Hard Rock has always been dedicated to supporting and helping the communities within which they operate around the world. Hard Rock supports causes related to humanitarian aid, environmental issues, and entertainment industry issues. 

Hard Rock partners with several non-profit organizations across the globe to fulfill their philanthropic goals. Find out more about the partnership and details via their website. Hard Rock website.


With such a distinct background and culture Hard Rock looks for potential applicants who are hardworking trailblazers who have an enthusiasm for music. With a global presence comprised of cafes hotels, casinos as well as live venues for music, those who apply are certain to have a job that they love. The best way for potential candidates to begin their search is by visiting the Career page on the official Hard Rock website. Here, applicants will be able to learn more about the background and history that is Hard Rock plus get to look through the various opportunities currently available and then apply if they’re interested.


The restaurant was started around 1971, by Americans Peter Morton and Isaac Tigrett in London. They were in search of the perfect place to enjoy authentic American-style burgers. 

They couldn’t find any, which was authentic, so they decided to create their own restaurant that serves hamburgers. The idea was a swift success, and the restaurant grew quickly. 

In 2007 the chain was bought by Seminole Tribe of Florida, with its headquarters at Orlando, Florida. There are currently 22 casinos, 157 cafes and 11 hotels spread across the globe in 59 countries.

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