June 2, 2023
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Hooters Menu With Price: Hooters is a casual beach-themed eatery that is famous for its famous chicken wings. They also offer different meals and meals like appetizers, seafood dishes sandwiches, steaks, and other dishes. Hooters offers a wide variety of drinks, beers, and special drinks.

You can also pick from various seafood choices, such as oysters Alaskan King Crab, Baja fish tacos, as well as cooked shrimp.

Hooters Menu With Price

Hooters menu costs include a reduced Hooters Kids Menu, which is packed with smaller-sized dishes. Look over the prices on the Hooters Menu prior to going to the restaurant.

Hooters Menu Price 2022

Food Name Price
Add Bacon, Guacamole or Chili $0.99
Add Cheese, Grilled Onions, Grilled Mushrooms or Jalapeños $0.49
Build Your Own! $7.99
Double ‘D’ $10.99
Texas Melt $8.99
The Baja $8.99
Western BBQ $8.99

Hooters Fresh Entree Salads Menu Price 2022

Food Name Price
Add Blackened Mahi $3.49
Buffalo Chicken Salad $8.99
Caesar Salad $5.99
Chicken Caesar Salad $8.99
Chicken Garden Salad $8.99
Chopped Cobb Salad $8.99
Shrimp & Spinach Salad $9.59
Side Caesar Salad $2.99
Side Garden Salad $2.99

Hooters Seafood Menu Price 2022

Food Name Price
Alaskan Snow Crab Legs (1 lb.)  
Baja Fish Tacos $8.99
Fish & Chips $10.99
Oysters $15.99
Steamed Shrimp(1 lb.) $18.99
Steamed Shrimp(1/2 lb.) $10.59

Hooters World Famous Wings Menu Price 2022

Food Name Price
All Drums (per Drums) $1.00
Boneless Wings (10 Pieces) $8.99
Boneless Wings (20 Pieces) $16.99
Boneless Wings (50 Pieces) $37.99
Celery $0.69
Celery & Dressing $1.29
Daytona Sauce (per 10 Wings) $1.00
Extra Dressing $0.89
Extra Sauce $0.89
Hooters Daytona Beach Style Wings (10 Pieces) $10.79
Hooters Daytona Beach Style Wings (20 Pieces) $19.99
Hooters Daytona Beach Style Wings (50 Pieces) $44.99
Original Hooters Style Wings (20 Pieces) $18.99
Original Hooters Style Wings (50 Pieces) $43.99

Hooters Sides Menu Price 2022

Food Name Price
Big Dipper Fries $2.99
Big Dipper Fries with Cheese sauce $3.99
Caesar Salad $2.99
Chili Cheese Fries $6.99
Cole Slaw $0.99
Curly Fries $2.99
Curly Fries with Cheese sauce $3.99
Onion Rings $4.99
Onion Tanglers $4.99
Side Garden $2.99

Hooters Sandwiches Menu Price 2022

Food Name Price
Big Fish $8.99
Big Fish (Smother that Fish!) $9.99
Blackened Mahi $10.59
Buffalo Chicken $8.99
Chicken Strip Cheese (Hooters) $8.99
Club Sandwich $7.99
Philly Cheesesteak $8.99
Pulled BBQ Pork $8.59
Shrimp Po’ Boy $9.59
Smothered Chicken $9.99
Smothered Chicken (Naked) $8.99

Hooters Beverages Menu Price 2022

Food Name Price
Bottled Water $1.59
Coffee $1.39
Flavored Iced Tea $2.79
Iced Tea $2.49
Lemonade $2.79
Milk $2.49
Red Bull $3.79
Soft Drinks $2.49

Hooters Appetizers Menu Price 2022

Food Name Price
Buffalo Chicken Dip $6.99
Buffalo Platter $15.99
Buffalo Shrimp $9.59
Buffalo Shrimp $17.99
Cheese Sticks $5.99
Chicken Breast Strips $8.59
Chili Cheese Nachos $8.99
Flapper or Boneless Teaser $6.29
Fried Pickles $5.99
Lots-A-Tots $5.99
Quesadilla (cheese) $6.59
Quesadilla (chicken) $8.99
Quesadilla (steak) $8.99
Sliders Buffalo Chicken $8.99
Sliders Burger $8.99

Hooters Desserts Menu Price 2022

Food Name Price
Caramel Fudge Cheesecake $4.59
Chocolate Mousse Cake $4.59
Key Lime Pie $4.59

Hooters Soups Menu Price 2022

Food Name Price
Chili (Hooters) $4.49
Chili with Cheese & Onions (Hooters) $4.99
New England Style Clam Chowder $3.99

History of Hooters

Hooters began operations in 1983 and were officially established on April 1 as a joke since the original founders believed the business could fail. 

The Hooters location, an old nightclub, was renowned as a place of luck, and almost every establishment that was located on this spot did not succeed. The Hooters’ founders even put a “graveyard” for all the previously established establishments at the Hooters entrance. 

However, the combination of sex appeal, sports, and delicious food turned into a huge hit, and, to date, there are more than 430 locations around the globe. Hooters is controlled by Chanticleer Holdings LLC purchased Hooters after the chain was already through several owners.

What’s Hooters Famous For?

Hooters’ name is derived from the sound of an Owls and also because “hooters” is a slang word for female breasts invented by Steve Martin in the popular show “Saturday Night Live.” The Hooters restaurants are famous for their gorgeous, young waitresses with white tanks and orange runner’s shorts. 

However, the sex appeal isn’t the only aspect Hooters offers because the chain of restaurants has a number of screens as well as audio systems for fans of sports and making it the ideal spot for groups of men to watch football or other sports that are popular. 

Food from Hooters is another factor in the popularity of the chain since they adhere to a “Bigger is Better” mantra with their Big Hootie Burger and Blackened Mahi-Mahi Sandwich.

Hooters Menu Review

Hooters is an American sports restaurant and bar chain that offers great food. The waitresses at Hooters are referred to by the name of “Hooters Girls” and they are famous for their sexy appearance and high-quality service. Hooters has been pushing the American style of eating for the past 35 years on a worldwide scale. 

Hooters restaurant chains provide guests with an environment that is filled with sexy appeal, a warm atmosphere, and American-cooked food items. The majority of the Hooters restaurants Hooters Hooters follow the theme of beaches of the initial Hooters restaurant, which was established within Atlanta, Georgia. 

The chain of restaurants provides customers with a wide selection of beverages, food, and entertainment as well as flat screens that are available throughout the restaurant. The female-only serving staff at the restaurant has been the mainstay of the restaurant and they provide the atmosphere as friendly and welcoming throughout.

Hooters Menu Hooters Menu provides a wide selection of options for their customers, including classic American food and dining. The menu for children is extremely large. The meals served at Hooters are delicious and they’ll keep their clients coming back due to the delicious taste and outstanding service. 

The appetizers served at the food chain are cooked with care and are hygienically controlled. The appetizers are very well-loved and are available with the main course. The appetizers are freshly prepared with every order. The food served at Hooters is always freshly prepared and delicious.

This gives a wonderful taste to guests. Hooters Menu has a wide range of foods like appetizers such as hamburgers, steaks and sandwiches, salads as well as soups, wings desserts, seafood, and desserts.

Hooters provides their customers with food that is prepared using only the finest ingredients. All the food items and sides from the restaurant chain are made freshly every day. Hooters will always make sure that their customers get the best and top-quality food. 

This level of dedication to their foodservice has helped them gain confidence from patrons. Hooters is known for providing only the best food that is served at tables. The staff at Hooters is friendly and provides their services in a tranquil and delicate manner. The Hooters always strive to give their customers excellent service and freshly prepared tasty gourmet food.

The chain is one of the restaurants that offers a better, more stylish, and cleaner experience than other chains of food in the United States. The restaurant chain is distinct from the rest and has made a name for itself in America. 

The staff at the restaurant chain is kind and accommodating, and they strive to create a pleasant environment for patrons. The service time is great for a restaurant such as Hooters however, even during the peak times, you can have your food in 12-15 minutes. 

The employees and staff constantly strive to maintain the discipline of serving and taking orders to keep the order in order and avoid chaos. Hooters restaurants provide their customers with an inviting, warm, and relaxing atmosphere that can be filled with the delicious smell of delicious food that can create an urge and an immense appetite.

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Hooters Contact Information

Hooters Corporate Office Address– 1815 The Exchange SE
Atlanta, Georgia 30339

Hooters Corporate Phone Number– 770-951-2040

Hooters Press Contact Address- 685 Third Avenue 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10017

Hooters Press Contact Phone Number– 800-210-2491

Hooters Customer Service Phone Number– 1-866-225-4668

You can also contact the Hooters team by using the contact form on their website.

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Facebook Page: facebook.com/hooters

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/hooters

Instagram Account: instagram.com/hooters/

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YouTube Channel: youtube.com/hooters