March 23, 2023
View the latest Hot Dog On A Stick Menu for the entire menu including hot dogs on a stick, cheese on a stick, drinks, french fries, desserts, and more.

Hot Dog On A Stick Menu: The most up-to-date current Craig’s Hot Dog on a Stick menu and prices, which includes dinner, breakfast, kid’s dinner, and much more. Find the food you love and have a great time eating.

hot dog on a stick Menu

Are your family or friends guests show to your house suddenly and you’d like to get food that is affordable and also tasty? Then you should check out the most recent Hot Dog on Stick menu prices and place an order for the food according to. You can also access Hot Dog on the Stick’s secret menu here.


Top Menu Items

4 Stick Item Deal $10.99

Sampler Platter

 Sampler Platter $15.63

Hot Dog on a Stick

 Turkey $3.65
 Veggie $3.71
 Beef $3.70
 Beef Hot Dog $3.79
 Veggie Hot Dog $3.62
Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Sticks $6.04
 Turkey Hot Dog $3.54

Pick Your Sticks Deals

6 Stick Item Deal $14.99
12 Stick Item Deal $23.99
25 Stick Item Deal $44.99

A la Carte

 Beef Hot Dog on a Stick $3.20
Turkey Hot Dog on Stick $2.99
 Veggie Hot Dog on a Stick $3.18
Cheese on a Stick $2.99
Breakfast Sausage on a Stick $2.99
Chicken Tenders $4.99
Chili Cheese Fries $3.99
Chili Cheese Bowl $3.99
Regular Funnel Cake $4.99

Cheese on a Stick

American Cheese $4.08
 American $3.63
 Pepper Jack $3.63
Pepper Jack Cheese $4.08


Frozen, Hand Stomped Lemonade $4.16
 Fresh, Hand Stomped Lemonade $3.43
Bottled Water $2.07


 Combo 1 $5.99
 Combo 2 $7.99
 Combo 3 $9.99
 Combo 4 $15.99


16oz Regular Lemonade $2.99
16oz Frozen Lemonade $3.59
32oz Regular Lemonade $3.59
32oz Frozen Lemonade $4.59
44oz Regular Lemonade $4.59
44oz Frozen Lemonade $5.59

Funnel Cake Sticks

 Funnel Cake Sticks $3.19

French Fries

Our fries are cooked to a golden crisp in a cottonseed/canola oil blend. Mildly seasoned, these fries are on point! Available in small and regular.
Fries $3.13
Small Tajin Seasoned French Fries $5.86
Regular Tajin Seasoned French Fries $7.21

Sides & Beverages

 French Fries $3.24
Tater Tots $3.10


Fry sauce $0.25
Add on Fries $2.49
Add on Funnels $2.49
Ranch $0.25

Party Packs To Go

 Party Pack – 25 Sticks $51.57
 One Gallon Fresh Lemonade $15.46
 Three Gallons Fresh Lemonade $41.46
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About Hot Dog on a Stick

It’s true that the Hot Dog on a Stick fast-food chain isn’t just a one-trick pony, despite the name. Its menu includes other modern American favorites like French fries as well as funnel cake plates. The limited menu of the chain is a great benefit since customers are able to easily and swiftly place their orders and take advantage of the best food they offer in just a few moments.

The most popular item is hot dogs on sticks, which is a large hot dog that fulfills the hunger for food that is simple and fills the stomach with a taste like nothing else. The nature of it being on sticks makes it the ideal snack for those who travel to the beach, at the park, or other public spaces, and also for small gatherings or birthday parties.

Hot Dog on a Stick Hot Dog on a Stick costs is so low that you can afford to purchase any number you like. Be sure to purchase freshly squeezed lemonade as its coldness perfectly matches the steaming taste from the hot dog.

Below is the most recent Hot Dog on Stick prices on the menu.

Hot Dog On A Stick History

It was in 1946 that Dave Barham opened Part Puffs Food stand which served lemonade as well as ice cream to its customers at the initial place situated in Santa Monica, California. 

The first food stand was located in Muscle Beach, which was located next to Santa Monica Pier. Santa Monica Pier, a popular spot for tourists and locals looking to relax in the beach, sun, and sand.

When Barham utilized his mother’s cornbread recipe from the beginning and he redesigned the menu on his stand for food to feature hot dogs on sticks then the rest was the story. Barham perfected the most popular product and, in order to show the changes the brand’s title into Hot Dog on a Stick. The brand also gained reach by participating at country fairs and selling at malls.

The year 2014 saw Global Franchise Group purchase the Hot Dog on a Stick chain. There are now more than 80 corporate-owned locations throughout the United States, most of that are located in regional malls. It also has a number of franchised stores within South Korea.

What They’re Famous For

Hot dogs on sticks which is prepared to order is probably the most sought-after option that is available. The tastes are delightfully soothing and the texture is delightful and the portion size is always large and everyone is happy about it. Hot dogs are also simple to consume even while on the move Another reason for its popularity with mobile Americans.

The freshly squeezed, hand-stomped, lemonade, which is the second most sought-after item is the perfect accompaniment to hot dogs on sticks. Each sip, or gulp whatever way you prefer drinking it gives you the refreshing, cold, and refreshing experience that only a cold glass of lemonade could bring on the hottest day.

Why Eat Here

If you’re at the beach, or in the weather is hot it’s likely that you’ll look for relief. This could be from eating freshly cooked hot dogs on a stick or an ice-cold lemonade! There’s something calming in filling your stomach with tasty food and quenching your thirst with lemonade that is tangy an old-fashioned combination that is never going out of fashion. As long as the fast and delicious, yet simple comfort food is appealing to kids as well as women and men and Hot Dog on a Stick will remain.

A hot dog served on sticks is served right from the grill, which means it is always fresh in taste and texture. It’s not like the ones that are served by the majority of fast-food establishments. You can serve it with mustard or ketchup. It is also possible to order French fries that are made from Idaho potatoes cut into shoestring sizes, then baked to perfection in oil made from soybeans.

The hot dog may be served with buns if you wish to do so. The tender beef hot dog is cooked and served with a moist bun, and then topped with the condiment of your choice. Also, consider this cheese-on-a-stick. It’s which is a mix of mild jalapeno peppers as well as slightly spicy jack cheese, placed on the end of a stick.

If you’ve got an addiction to sweets, you could discover your perfect match in this recipe! Funnel cake sticks can be a perfect snack the funnel cake is cooked to a beautiful golden brown color, served with a dusting of powdered sugar drizzled with either chocolate or raspberry drizzle. It’s a fun treat that can only be enjoyed by those who Hot Dog on a Stick could have imagined in the fast-food world.

Your thirst of yours can be quenched not just by lemonade but also by other flavors too. There are mango, cherry, and lime. There could also be seasonal flavors to choose from.

Be aware of this: the Hot Dog on a Stick chain is a fast-food restaurant chain with numerous hot dog stands located in specific locations, like at beaches where locals and tourists congregate. 

The service is quick and the staff members are generally welcoming and the atmosphere is casual, so don’t anticipate the Michelin-starred services or facilities in this location. The atmosphere is often touristy too, though not as frequently as it is the case with Hot Dog on a Stick chain losing its nostalgic local appeal.

To find out more about Hot Dog on a Stick or find a local location, go to the website