June 2, 2023
Hungry Howie's Pizza Menu Prices 2021. Full restaurant menu with prices up-dated for 2021. Meals, lunch, dinner, drinks and kids menu.

Different from other brands for being the source of the “flavored crust pizza”. With over 40 years of experience and more than 21 locations, It consistently ranks as among the top ten pizza brands across the USA.

hungry howies pizza menu

The restaurant has expanded significantly in the past few years, and, after starting with only pizzas, now they serve various menu items like pizza, subs that resemble calzones as well as chicken wings, and various salads. Highly recommended due to the quality of their products as well as their efficient, friendly service.

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Hungry Howies Pizza Create Menu 2022

Original Junior $3.00
Original Small $4.00
Original or Thin Crust Medium $6.00
Original or Thin Crust Large $8.00
Original X-Large $11.00
Deep Dish Large $10.00
Gluten-Free Small $7.00

Hungry Howies Create Pizza Toppings 2022

Original Junior $0.79
Original Small $1.29
Original or Thin Crust Medium $1.49
Original, Thin Crust or Deep Dish Large $1.79
Original X-Large $1.99

Hungry Howies Specialty Pizzas 2022

Asian or BBQ Chicken (Original) Junior $6.00
Asian or BBQ Chicken (Original) Small $8.00
Asian or BBQ Chicken (Original or Thin Crust) Medium $11.00
Asian or BBQ Chicken (Original or Thin Crust) Large $15.00
Asian or BBQ Chicken (Original) X-Large $18.00
Asian or BBQ Chicken (Deep Dish) Large $17.00
Asian or BBQ Chicken (Gluten Free) Small $11.00
Buffalo Chicken (Original) Junior $5.00
Buffalo Chicken (Original) Small $7.00
Buffalo Chicken (Original or Thin Crust) Medium $10.00
Buffalo Chicken (Original or Thin Crust) Large $13.00
Buffalo Chicken (Original) X-Large $16.00
Buffalo Chicken (Deep Dish) Large $15.00
Buffalo Chicken (Gluten Free) Small $10.00
Howie Special (Original) Junior $10.00
Howie Special (Original) Small $9.00
Howie Special (Original or Thin Crust) Medium $12.00
Howie Special (Original or Thin Crust) Large $16.00
Howie Special (Original) X-Large $19.00
Howie Special (Deep Dish) Large $18.00
Howie Special (Gluten Free) Small $12.00
Works (Original) Junior $10.00
Works (Original) Small $11.00
Works (Original or Thin Crust) Medium $14.00
Works (Original or Thin Crust)) Large $18.00
Works (Original) X-Large $20.00
Works (Deep Dish) Large $20.00
Works (Gluten Free) Small $14.00
Howie Maui (Original) Junior $10.00
Howie Maui (Original) Small $7.00
Howie Maui (Original or Thin Crust) Medium $10.00
Howie Maui (Original or Thin Crust) Large $13.00
Howie Maui (Original) X-Large $16.00
Howie Maui (Deep Dish) Large $15.00
Howie Maui (Gluten Free) Small $10.00
Meat Eaters (Original) Junior $10.00
Meat Eaters (Original) Small $8.00
Meat Eaters (Original or Thin Crust) Medium $11.00
Meat Eaters (Original or Thin Crust) Large $15.00
Meat Eaters (Original) X-Large $18.00
Meat Eaters (Deep Dish) Large $17.00
Meat Eaters (Gluten Free) Small $11.00
Veggie (Original) Junior $10.00
Veggie (Original) Small $9.00
Veggie (Original or Thin Crust) Medium $12.00
Veggie (Original or Thin Crust) Large $16.00
Veggie (Original) X-Large $19.00
Veggie (Deep Dish) Large $18.00
Veggie (Gluten Free) Small $12.00
Bacon Cheddar Burger (Original) Junior $10.00
Bacon Cheddar Burger (Original) Small $7.00
Bacon Cheddar Burger (Original or Thin Crust) Medium $10.00
Bacon Cheddar Burger (Original or Thin Crust) Large $13.00
Bacon Cheddar Burger (Original) X-Large $16.00
Bacon Cheddar Burger (Deep Dish) Large $15.00
Bacon Cheddar Burger (Gluten Free) Small $10.00
Philly Cheese Steak (Original) Junior $10.00
Philly Cheese Steak (Original) Small $10.00
Philly Cheese Steak (Original or Thin Crust) Medium $13.00
Philly Cheese Steak (Original or Thin Crust) Large $17.00
Philly Cheese Steak (Original) X-Large $19.00
Philly Cheese Steak (Deep Dish) Large $19.00
Philly Cheese Steak (Gluten-Free) Small $13.00
3 Cheeser Pleaser (Original) Junior $10.00
3 Cheeser Pleaser (Original) Small $8.00
3 Cheeser Pleaser (Original or Thin Crust) Medium $11.00
3 Cheeser Pleaser (Original or Thin Crust) Large $15.00
3 Cheeser Pleaser (Original) X-Large $18.00
3 Cheeser Pleaser (Deep Dish) Large $17.00
3 Cheeser Pleaser (Gluten Free) Small $11.00
Pepperoni Plus (Original) Junior $10.00
Pepperoni Plus (Original) Small $10.00
Pepperoni Plus (Original or Thin Crust) Medium $13.00
Pepperoni Plus (Original or Thin Crust) Large $17.00
Pepperoni Plus (Original) X-Large $19.00
Pepperoni Plus (Deep Dish) Large $19.00
Pepperoni Plus (Gluten free) Small $13.00
Meat Eaters Plus (Original) Junior $10.00
Meat Eaters Plus (Original) Small $9.00
Meat Eaters Plus (Original or Thin Crust) Medium $12.00
Meat Eaters Plus (Original or Thin Crust) Large $16.00
Meat Eaters Plus (Original) X-Large $19.00
Meat Eaters Plus (Deep Dish) Large $18.00
Meat Eaters Plus (Gluten-Free) Small $12.00

Hungry Howies Calzones Menu 2022

Deluxe Italian Regular $4.99
Deluxe Italian Large $6.99
Steak, Cheese & Mushroom Regular $4.99
Steak, Cheese & Mushroom Large $6.99
Pizza Calzone Regular $4.99
Pizza Calzone Large $6.99
Pizza Deluxe Regular $4.99
Pizza Deluxe Large $6.99
Turkey or Turkey Club Regular $4.99
Turkey or Turkey Club Large $6.99
Ham & Cheese Regular $4.99
Ham & Cheese Large $6.99
Veggie Calzone Regular $4.99
Veggie Calzone Large $6.99

Hungry Howies Bread Menu 2022

3 Cheeser Bread Regular (16 Pc.) $4.99
Asiago Bread Regular (16 Pc.) $3.99
Cinnamon Bread Regular (16 Pc.) $3.99
Cajun Bread Regular (16 Pc.) $3.99
Howie Bread Regular (16 Pc.) $3.99

Hungry Howies Salads Menu 2022

Antipasto Salad Regular $5.99
Antipasto Salad Large $7.99
Greek Salad Regular $5.99
Greek Salad Large $7.99
Chef Salad Regular $5.99
Chef Salad Large $7.99
Garden Salad Regular $5.99
Garden Salad Large $7.99
Chicken Asiago Salad Regular $5.99
Chicken Asiago Salad Large $7.99
Chicken Caesar Salad Regular $5.99
Chicken Caesar Salad Large $7.99

Hungry Howies Wings Menu 2022

Original, BBQ, Buffalo or Asian Flavors
Wings or Boneless Wings 10 Pc. $7.49
Wings or Boneless Wings 20 Pc. $14.49

Hungry Howies Rolls Menu 2022

Chicken Howie Roll Regular $3.99
Pepperoni Howie Roll Regular $3.50
Steak Howie Roll Regular $3.99

Hungry Howies Drinks Menu 2022

Soft Drink 20 oz. $1.59
Soft Drink 2 Liters $2.59
Aquafina Water 20 oz. $1.59

Hungry Howies Extras Menu 2022

Dipping Sauce Cup $0.59
Black or Green Olives $0.59
Jalapenos $0.59
Mild Peppers $0.59
Pineapple $0.59

Hungry Howies History

With a revenue per year that was at the time estimated at $280 million, this pizzeria sprung from humble beginnings. The story of the restaurant began back in 1973 , when Jim Hearn decided to turn the old restaurant that served hamburgers located in Taylor, Michigan into the first Hungry Howie’s. Hearn joined forces together with Steve Jackson as a delivery driver to establish the delivery and takeaway pizzeria.

After having spent for the past 10 years establishing an excellent reputation built on the highest quality ingredients, quick service, and their distinctive “flavored crust pizza”, it was in 1982 that Hearn and Jackson decided to franchise their expanding business. First, the franchise was given in January 1983 and was the first of many. In the following three years, Hearn and Jackson granted another 65 franchises. By 1990, Hungry Howie’s had over 160 different franchises throughout the United States.

The next step would be to establish a distribution business, and that’s exactly the thing Hearn and Jackson chose to do. In 1986, they founded Hungry Howie’s Distributing Inc. which allows an element of control over the quality of products they sell and the price they’re offered at. This would ensure that the top-quality quality of Hungry Howie’s was maintained.

Today, the company is an established family favorite that is recognized throughout the nation with more than 575 franchises across the USA.

Hungry Howies Review

Despite the intense competition throughout the USA, Hungry Howie’s have earned a name as a place that provides ample portions, friendly service that is friendly and all for a reasonable price.

Hungry Howie’s Pizza is known for its strict hygiene standards and warm family-friendly atmosphere. They’re also well-known for their extensive selection of pizza crusts with flavors. which include: the Original, asiago cheese garlic herb, onion ranch, and sesame.

They also have cajun as well as cajun, butter as well as butter cheese. The most appealing aspect of the whole thing is you are able to make the crust flavored for absolutely no cost. If you’re not into pizza, don’t worry and they have various calzones salads, Howie breads the Howie wings, and various drinks to help you wash the whole thing down.

The pizzas are delicious and hot with a perfect crust and are all available in generous portions. Prices for juniors start at $3 and general prices range in price from $3 for a small pizza to $20 for an extra-large special pizza, you’ll be certain to find something you like and within your budget. Additionally, they often provide special offers and coupons on their website which makes the restaurant less expensive. 

The most popular option on their menu would be the “The Works” pizza, which includes pepperoni, ground beef, ham Italian sausage and onions, black olives, and more mozzarella cheese. You can also add an herb-infused garlic crust for no cost and you’ll have a winning recipe.

Hungry Howie’s has long held its place as one of the most loved pizzerias. It’s obvious why: excellent quality pizza, excellent variety excellent service, and low costs. This place will become the go-to for families for years to be.

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Hungry Howie’s Contact Information

Hungry Howie’s Corporate Office Address- 30300 Stephenson Hwy.Madison Heights, MI 48071

Hungry Howie’s Corporate Phone Number- 248.414.3300

You can also contact the team of Hungry Howie’s by using the contact form on their website.

Social Profiles

Facebook Page- facebook.com/hungryhowies

Instagram Account- instagram.com/hungryhowies/

Twitter Handle- twitter.com/hungryhowies

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