June 2, 2023
Jollibee Menu Prices · 10 Pieces Chickenjoy Bucket, $21.99. 6 Pieces Chickenjoy Bucket · Original Chicken Sandwich, $4.39. Deluxe Chicken Sandwich ·

Jollibee is known for its burgers & fried chicken. Jollibee is a great place to enjoy burgers and fried chicken. It will make your experience even better if you know the Latest Jollibee Prices List 2021 prior to visiting an outlet.

Jollibee’s menu includes burgers steak and chicken buckets, chicken family dinners, chicken sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, jolly pasta, palabok fiesta, sides, and desserts. This is just a brief overview of the menu. You can also see the Jollibee Prices List 2021.

Jollibee Menu With Prices

Jollibee Prices 2021: I am trying for perfect prices. It could be altered. To get the Jollibee prices 2021, visit the Jollibee Food website. You can also find Jollibee’s secret menu price right here.

Item Size Price
Jollibee Chicken Menu 2022
Chickenjoy $13.39 – $2.99
1a. Chickenjoy w/ rice $5.89
1b. Chickenjoy w/ 2 sides $7.19
2a. Chickenjoy w/ rice $7.79
2b. Chickenjoy w/ 2 sides $8.99
3. Chickenjoy w/ spaghetti $6.29
4. Chickenjoy w/ palabok $7.49
Jollibee Noodles Menu 2022
5. Joybee Spaghetti $4.49
6. Palabok Fiesta $5.79
Spaghetti Family Pack $13.99
Palabok Family Pack $17.79

Jollibee Burgers Menu 2022

Yum $1.39
7. Yum w/ cheese $1.89
Yum w/ cheese with fries $3.29
8. Yum w/ tlc $2.49
Yum w/ tlc with fries $3.89
9. Heavyweight Yumburger $4.99
Heavyweight with fries $6.39
10. Amazing Aloha $6.29
Amazing Aloha with fries $7.69
Buttered Corn $3.59 – $1.99
Steamed Rice $0.99

Jollibee Histories

Tony Tan Caktiong founded Jollibee Corporation. Jollibee Corporation was founded in the Philippines and has since been popular around the globe. The USA branch was finally opened in 1998. It currently has 34 locations in the USA, and more than 1100 worldwide. Many awards have been given to the chain. Jollibee was named one of the 50 fastest-growing chains in the US in 2013.

Jollibee Review

Although the layout is simple, the restaurant is very clean. Your family will love your stay. Fast-food chains are also suitable for children.

Chickenjoy, their bestselling chicken burger, is delicious and crispy-fried chicken with a unique flavor that everyone will love. You will want to eat more of the burger patties’ beefy flavor and aroma.

Jollibee’s bestselling fried chicken and burger, as well as their spaghetti, must-haves include Jollibee’s chicken dippers, burger steaks, and Halo-halo.

They are friendly and welcoming to all ages, even children. Even during peak hours, they are always available to assist customers. They will usually serve you your food immediately after you place an order.

Important Links

Official Website jollibee.com
Careers jollibee.com.ph/Careers/
Locations Jollibee.com/locations/
Buzz Room jollibee.com/buzz-room/

Jollibee Contact Information

Jollibee Corporate Office Address: Jollibee Plaza Bldg.F. Ortigas Jr. Road (formerly Emerald Avenue)Pasig City, Philippines.

Jollibee Corporate Phone Number: +(632) 634-1111

You can also contact the team of Jollibee by using the contact form on their website.

Social Media Handles

Instagram Account: instagram.com/jollibee/

Twitter Account: twitter.com/jollibee/

Facebook Page: facebook.com/JollibeePhilippines/