January 30, 2023
Penn Station Menu Prices 2021. Full restaurant menu with prices up-dated for 2021. Meals, lunch, dinner, drinks and kids menu. How much does food cost?

Penn Station Menu is a chain that serves east coast-style subs at fast-casual restaurants. Its mission is to provide quality and freshness in the sub-restaurant market. 

Its trademarks, fresh-cut french fries with freshly squeezed lemonade, have been a success. Hot grilled subs made of freshly baked bread are very popular.

There are more than 290 branches in 15 states in the South and Midwestern. It is a privately owned corporation headquartered in Cincinnati (Ohio), where the first branch was opened by Jeff Osterfeld in 1985. 

Penn Station Menu With Prices

Jeff Osterfeld was inspired to open an East Coast sub-restaurant after he saw how popular the cheesesteak sandwich was in Philadelphia.



Philadelphia Cheesesteak 6″ $4.99
Philadelphia Cheesesteak 8″ $6.69
Philadelphia Cheesesteak 10″ $8.29
Philadelphia Cheesesteak 12″ $9.99
Club (Grilled or Cold) 6″ $4.99
Club (Grilled or Cold) 8″ $6.69
Club (Grilled or Cold) 10″ $8.29
Club (Grilled or Cold) 12″ $9.99
Reuben 6″ $4.99
Reuben 8″ $6.69
Reuben 10″ $8.29
Reuben 12″ $9.99
Chicken Teriyaki 6″ $4.99
Chicken Teriyaki 8″ $6.69
Chicken Teriyaki 10″ $8.29
Chicken Teriyaki 12″ $9.99
Chicken Parmesan 6″ $4.99
Chicken Parmesan 8″ $6.69
Chicken Parmesan 10″ $8.29
Chicken Parmesan 12″ $9.99
Chicken Cordon Bleu 6″ $4.99
Chicken Cordon Bleu 8″ $6.69
Chicken Cordon Bleu 10″ $8.29
Chicken Cordon Bleu 12″ $9.99
Pizza Sub 6″ $4.99
Pizza Sub 8″ $6.69
Pizza Sub 10″ $8.29
Pizza Sub 12″ $9.99
Italian (Grilled or Cold) 6″ $4.99
Italian (Grilled or Cold) 8″ $6.69
Italian (Grilled or Cold) 10″ $8.29
Italian (Grilled or Cold) 12″ $9.99
Sausage Sub 6″ $4.99
Sausage Sub 8″ $6.69
Sausage Sub 10″ $8.29
Sausage Sub 12″ $9.99
Grilled Artichoke 6″ $4.99
Grilled Artichoke 8″ $6.69
Grilled Artichoke 10″ $8.29
Grilled Artichoke 12″ $9.99
Chicken or Tuna Salad 6″ $4.99
Chicken or Tuna Salad 8″ $6.69
Chicken or Tuna Salad 10″ $8.29
Chicken or Tuna Salad 12″ $9.99
Grilled Vegetarian 6″ $4.99
Grilled Vegetarian 8″ $6.69
Grilled Vegetarian 10″ $8.29
Grilled Vegetarian 12″ $9.99
Create Your Own 6″ $4.99
Create Your Own 8″ $6.69
Create Your Own 10″ $8.29
Create Your Own 12″ $9.99

Sub Combos

Includes Fries and Drink
Sub Combo 6″ $7.89
Sub Combo 8″ $9.39
Sub Combo 10″ $10.99
Sub Combo 12″ $12.69


Add Extra Meat or Cheese $1.19
Fresh-Cut Fries Small $2.19
Fresh-Cut Fries Medium $3.49
Fresh-Cut Fries Large $5.39
Cheesebread 6″ $3.19
Cheesebread 8″ $4.19
Cheesebread 10″ $5.29
Cheesebread 12″ $6.29
Chips Bag $1.29
Chocolate Chunk Cookie $1.79


Lemonade Regular $2.29
Lemonade Large $2.99
Lemonade Gallon $5.99
Iced Tea Regular $1.89
Iced Tea Large $2.29
Iced Tea Gallon $5.99
Fountain Drink Regular $1.89
Fountain Drink Large $2.29

Penn Station Histories

Jeff Osterfeld made the decision to venture into the food industry in 1983. “Jeffrey’s Delicatessen” was opened at the Dayton Mall, Dayton, Ohio. His presence was a great help to the business. His presence had a positive impact on sales, service and product quality. These insights gave rise to an “ownership mentality” within him.

Jeff became inspired by Philadelphia’s popularity of cheesesteak sandwiches while on a trip. He decided to make a version of it at his deli. His customers loved the sandwich and it was a huge success. Jeff believed that people craved casual dining quality food, but didn’t want to wait as long. In 1985, Jeff opened Penn Station Restaurant in downtown Cincinnati.

The restaurant started with four sandwiches, but the star of the menu was the grilled cheesesteak. Fresh-cut french fries and freshly squeezed lemonade were also served along with the subs. The food was made fresh to order right in front of customers, using only the best meats and the freshest ingredients. It was a huge success that customers could quickly order freshly prepared food.

In 1987, Penn Station was expanding into multiple branches. Jeff believed that the concept of high-end fast food that emphasizes quality and freshness would be popular. In 1988, Jeff decided to franchise his company. This led to rapid growth of the business, which eventually led to the establishment of more than 290 branches.

Penn Station Review

Penn Station Restaurants are great at subs. Freshly baked bread is used to make subs. The best, freshest ingredients are used such as hand-selected potatoes and the cholesterol-free peanut butter that is used to make the french fries. Lemonade is hand-crafted daily from fresh lemons.

Penn Station’s menu has a wide variety of options and very good food. You can choose from grilled or cold subs. They are available in 4 sizes: 6, 8, 10, 10 and 12. You can buy packaged chips and french fries in three sizes. The fries taste even better when malt vinegar is included as a complimentary condiment.

Philadelphia Cheesesteak sandwiches, which contain steak and provolone cheese, are a must-try. You can choose from sautA(c), mushrooms, banana peppers or spicy mustard. Chicken lovers will love the Chicken Parmesan sandwich, which is made with a tender chicken breast and topped with Parmesan cheese and provolone.

Penn Station is a great place to go if you’re looking for a quick, good meal at a reasonable price. The atmosphere is relaxed and casual, and the staff are very friendly. The staff are friendly and show genuine interest in you. It is comfortable, spacious, and clean. It is a top-class establishment.

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Penn Station Contact Information

Penn Station Corporate Office Address- 1226 Us Route 50 Milford, Ohio 45150

Penn Station Corporate Phone Number- (513) 474-5957

You can also contact the team of Penn Station by using the contact form on their website.

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