March 23, 2023
Quiznos catering menu prices are very affordable making Quiznos the ideal choice for parties in your home or events at your place of worship, school, or small.

Quiznos Catering Menu: Quiznos is a Denver-based fast-food restaurant that specializes in toasted sub sandwiches. Quiznos Catering Menu Prices It offers 23 unique sub sandwiches and can be customized to your liking.

Its unique toasting method makes the bread even more delicious and allows for the flavors of meat and cheese to be released. It also offers soups, salads, and desserts.

Quiznos Catering Menu Prices 2021

It all started as a small sub-shop about 30 years ago. Jimmy Lambatos founded it and it was later sold to Rick Schaden and Richard Schaden.

It has expanded over the years and now has about 1,500 locations across different states, and 600 internationally. It is also known as the largest North American submarine sandwich chain.

Quiznos caters can be a great choice for events and gatherings. They offer both small- and large-sized catering.

Quiznos Catering Menu Prices 2022

Item Price

Quiznos Catering Sub Box Lunch Menu 2022

Classic Italian Sub Box Lunch (8 inch) $9.00
The Traditional Sub Box Lunch (8 inch) $9.00
Turkey Ranch & Swiss Sub Box Lunch (8 inch) $9.00
Ultimate Turkey Club Box Lunch (8 inch) $9.00
Veggie Guacamole Sub Box Lunch (8 inch) $9.00
Baja Chicken Sub Box Lunch (8 inch) $9.00
Mesquite Chicken Sub Box Lunch (8 inch) $9.00
Honey Mustard Chicken Sub Box Lunch (8 inch) $9.00

Quiznos Catering Sub Trays Menu 2022

Classic Sub Tray Regular (serves 5) $35.00
Classic Sub Tray Large (serves 10) $60.00
Chicken Sub Tray Regular (serves 5) $35.00
Chicken Sub Tray Large (serves 10) $60.00

Quiznos Catering Party Sub Menu 2022

Chicken Party Sub Large (serves 10) $60.00
Classic Italian Flatbread Box Lunch $9.00
Traditional Flatbread Box Lunch $9.00
Turkey Ranch & Swiss Flatbread Box Lunch $9.00
Ultimate Turkey Club Flatbread Box Lunch $9.00
Veggie Guacamole Flatbread Box Lunch $9.00
Baja Chicken Flatbread Box Lunch $9.00
Mesquite Chicken Flatbread Box Lunch $9.00
Honey Mustard Chicken Flatbread Box Lunch $9.00

Quiznos Catering Grilled Flatbread Trays Menu 2022

Classic Grilled Flatbread Tray Regular (serves 5) $35.00
Classic Grilled Flatbread Tray Large (serves 10) $60.00
Chicken Grilled Flatbread Tray Regular (serves 5) $35.00
Chicken Grilled Flatbread Tray Large (serves 10) $60.00
Quiznos Catering Salad Box Lunch Menu 2022
Apple Harvest Chicken Salad Box Lunch (Full) $8.00
Apple Harvest Chicken Salad Box Lunch (Large Salad) $8.00
Apple Harvest Chicken Salad Box Lunch (Wrap) $8.00
Honey Mustard Chicken Salad Box Lunch (Full) $8.00
Honey Mustard Chicken Salad Box Lunch (Wrap) $8.00
Chicken Caesar Box Lunch (Full) $8.00
Chicken Caesar Box Lunch (Wrap) $8.00

Quiznos Catering Salad Bowls Menu 2022

Apple Harvest Chicken Salad Bowl $30.00
Honey Mustard Chicken Salad Bowl $30.00
Chicken Caesar Salad Bowl $30.00
Fresh Garden Salad (serves 10) $24.99

Quiznos Catering Sides Menu 2022

Fresh Garden Salad (serves 10) $25.00
Assorted Chips (serves 10) $12.00
Brownie Tray (serves 10) $14.00
Cookies Tray (serves 10) $14.00
Assorted Dessert Tray (serves 10) $14.00
Bottled Beverages (serves 5) $8.00
Bottled Juice (serves 5) $11.00

Pros of Quiznos Catering Menu Prices 2022

The exceptional taste and quality of Quiznos’ food is a hallmark of their toasting technique. You can choose from a variety of box lunches or trays when you order their catering menu. The sub box comes with chips, a sub, and a chocolate chip cookie.

You can choose to have a chicken sub or a classic sub. You can choose from a classic or chicken sub. The trays come in two sizes: a large tray that serves up to 8 people and a smaller tray that serves 5 people. Every tray order includes plates, napkins, and a pepper bar. Side orders include cookies, chips, and bottled beverages.

You can also request a customized menu. Just ask the manager.

How to Order from Quiznos Catering Menu

There are many ways to book Quiznos’ catering services. Visit one of their stores to speak with the manager. You can also place an order online or by phone if you are unable to visit the store.

Quiznos provides an easy ordering checklist.

  • You can view or download their catering menu on their website.
  • To find Quiznos branches near you, enter your zip code on the store locator page.
  • Select your options from the menu, and then choose the number of people to be served.
  • To place your order, call the Quiznos branch nearest you. You can submit your order online if the branch allows.

Quiznos will accept bulk orders if you give 24 hours notice for smaller orders.

Quiznos Catering Menu Reviews

Quiznos caterers offer great value for money. They have many options and fresh ingredients.

Quiznos doesn’t compromise on quality. All sandwiches and other meals are made with fresh meats, vegetables, and all-natural cheeses. Quiznos is the perfect catering partner for events and gatherings. You can be certain that your guests will enjoy delicious, healthy food at a reasonable price and with less hassle.

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Q1. How much is a Quiznos franchise?

Quiznos sandwich franchises are among the most affordable on the market. Our brand is a great opportunity for both first-time entrepreneurs as well as experienced restaurateurs.

The investment required to open a new Quiznos traditional franchise is between $211,859 and $326,549*.

Q2. Why are all of the Quiznos closing?

Quiznos was populated by small franchisees that made very little profit. These operators could have been helped by Quiznos, but the debt Quiznos had to repay was too high. It was too crucial to get funding from the sale of this food. The chain closed units.

Q3. Does Quiznos have wraps?

Honey Mustard Chicken Wrap – “All-Natural Chicken and Smoky Bacon,” All-Natural Cheddar. Tomatoes, Honey Mustard Dressing.

A Tortilla with Italian Herbs. Mediterranean Chicken Wrap – “Chicken and Italian Cheese Blend, Cucumbers Black Olives, Tomatoes. Banana Pepper Rings. Tzatziki Dressing.

Q4. How much does a Quiznos owner make?

$75,000 per year is the average income of Quiznos Franchise owners. This is 22% more than the national average for all Franchise Owners, $60,000 annually, and 13% more than the average national salary for all Americans.

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You can also contact the team of Quizno’s by using the contact form on their website.

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