June 2, 2023
Sam's Fried Chicken Menu prices are considered the best value for money in the industry, especially when considering the quality and cost of its food.

Sam’s Chicken Menu is a fast-food chain that cooks delicious chicken fried in hand-made breading. The restaurant is based in the UK and is well-known for its delicious chicken dishes and fast-food meals. 

They also provide box meals and combos to make an all-family dinner. There’s also a separate section that is dedicated to sweets and beverages. There’s everything you could want on Sam’s Chicken Menu.

The Sam’s Chicken menu is well-known for the fried chicken and peri-peri. There’s also an incredible menu of chicken burgers as well as wraps. There Sam’s Chicken Menu are also delicious side dishes that you can choose from, such as chips and salads. 

There’s a wide selection of drinks and ice creams as well. If you’re looking to combine meals, you can go for boxes of meals or go for in the section for families.

Sam’s Chicken Menu With Prices

There’s no shortage of options in this Sam’s Chicken menu. There are plenty of choices throughout the different categories. Additionally, all of the Sam’s Chicken Menu food is delicious and freshly prepared. You can find their entire menu with the prices below.

Sam’s Chicken is a UK-based fast-food chain that was founded around 1990 in 1990 by Sam Chandrasinghe. The chain operates around 34 restaurants, most of which are located in North as well as West London. The food chain makes use of Rapeseed oil as a way to work to promote healthy eating.

Sam’s Chicken Menu Prices 2022


Sam’s Chicken Menu Prices For Super Subs

Grilled Chicken Sub $7.19
Steak & Cheese $7.76
Pepper Steak $6.79
Steak Gyro $6.79
Chicken Gyro $6.49
Lamb Gyro $6.49
Chicken Finger Sub $6.79
Buffalo Chicken Finger Sub $7.29
Gianelli Sausage Sub $6.79
Hofmann Hot Dog $2.99
Tuna $5.99

Sam’s Chicken Menu Prices For Burgers

Lettuce, tomato, onion, peppers, mushrooms, bacon, and extra cheese available lettuce, tomato, onion, peppers, mushrooms, bacon, and extra cheese available.
Hamburger $4.79
Cheese Burger $5.29
Bacon Cheese Burger $7.29
Double Cheese Burger $7.59
Double Bacon Cheese Burger $9.89

Sam’s Chicken Menu Prices For Kids Meals

Hot Dog with Fries $4.59
Chicken Fingers with Fries $5.29
Hamburger with Fries $5.99
Clam Dinner $5.29

Sam’s Chicken Menu Prices For Chicken Dinners

Chicken dinners include French fries, coleslaw and roll.
2 Pc. Chicken Snack – (Dinner) $6.79
3 Pc. Chicken Snack – (Dinner) $8.29
4 Pc. Chicken Snack – (Dinner) $10.03
Wing Dinner – (Dinner) $10.49
Chicken Finger – (Dinner) $8.49
Buffalo Chicken Finger – (Dinner) $8.99
2 Pc. Chicken Snack – (Chicken Only) $6.79
3 Pc. Chicken Snack – (Chicken Only) $5.99
4 Pc. Chicken Snack – (Chicken Only) $6.59
Wing Dinner – (Chicken Only) $8.79
Chicken Finger – (Chicken Only) $6.79
Buffalo Chicken Finger – (Chicken Only) $6.29

Sam’s Chicken Menu Prices For Family Treats

Family treat dinners include fries and salad.
 8 Pc – (Dinner) $17.49
 12 Pc – (Dinner) $23.49
16 Pc – (Dinner) $27.49
8 Pc – (Chicken Only) $12.99
12 Pc – (Chicken Only) $17.99
16 Pc – (Chicken Only) $21.99

Sam’s Chicken Menu Prices For Seafood Dinners

Dinners include French fries, coleslaw, and roll.
 Clam Dinner (Seafood Dinners) $8.29
 Clam Roll $6.99
 Shrimp Dinner $10.49
Haddock Dinner $10.99
 Haddock Sandwich $9.49

Sam’s Chicken Menu Prices For Salads

Coleslaw $2.99
Mac Salad $2.99
Potato $2.99
Grilled Chicken $7.99
Grilled Steak $7.99

Sam’s Chicken Menu Prices For Treats

Cherry Cheese Cake $3.99
Strawberry Cheese Cake $3.99
Baklava (Single) $2.99
Baklava (Double) $5.99
Rice Pudding $2.99
Brownies $1.49

Sam’s Chicken Menu Prices For Side Orders

French Fries $2.89
Large French Fries $5.99
Boat of French Fries $5.99
Onion Rings $4.49
Cheese Sticks $4.99
Jalapeño Poppers $4.79
Fried Mushrooms $4.79
Cauliflowers $4.79
Zucchini $4.79
Sampler $9.99

Sam’s Chicken Menu Prices For Bottled Drinks

Cream Ale $2.25
Grape Soda $2.25

Sam’s Chicken Franchising Details

Sam’s Chicken currently has 34 stores, of which the majority are situated within North London and West London. Franchise opportunities are readily available. Below are the details and the application form for franchising.

Franchising Details samschicken/franchise

Sam’s Chicken Menu

Sam’s Chicken offers a variety of options for food, such as wraps, chicken, and peri-peri chicken. Also, you can find combination food items in their box sections, as well as huge buckets and combos for those who want to share with their families.

They also have Sam’s Chicken is featured in the section on chicken. The secret breading makes it delicious and then coats it with the special sauce. Chicken strips, nuggets of chicken as well as chicken wings.

We then offer hamburgers. There are a variety of burgers offered which include the chicken strip, chicken breasts, or chicken fillets. All burgers are coated with Sam’s chili marinade. The burgers are served with mayonnaise and cheese. Sometimes, jalapenos or hash browns are also added.

There are also vegetarian burgers with an edible patty of onions and potatoes. The burgers are served on toasted sesame bread.

Sam’s Chicken offers a crispy lightweight wrap. It offers four wrap choices. There are four wrap options available that include the chicken wrap the wrap with vegetables, Mexico wrap, and then wrap with Peri-peri. Wraps are wrapped in crisp tortillas and filled with fresh, fresh chicken and vegetables.

The Per-Peri menu at Sam’s Chicken is designed for people who love spicy food. Peri strips, wings and whole and half-peri chicken are all offered. In this section, you can also find combos and buckets of peri-peri. This section is designed for all lovers of peri-peri.

Sam’s Chicken also offers a large selection of sides. There are Golden fries and sweet potatoes as well as potato wedges. There are also spicy coleslaw, beans, rice as well as crisp salads. Don’t forget to include mozzarella sticks.

The Drinks and Desserts section offers an array of canned drinks and Ice creams. You’ll surely love Ben & Jerry ice creams. There are a variety of flavors available for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. There is apple pie too. Also available are juice, fruit spears and Elephants home drinks along with basic bottles of water.

Two sections are geared towards combo meals: the section with box deals and that for family members. Box deals combos include fries, burgers and soda in small combinations. The section for families is designed for large meals and large combos.

Sam’s Chicken Contact Information 

Sam’s Chicken Head Office Address: Unit 6 Palmerston Centre Oxford Road Wealdstone, Harrow HA37RG

Sam’s Chicken Phone: +4420 8863 7246

Sam’s Chicken Email Address: info@samschicken.com

You can also fill out the contact form to get in direct contact with Sam’s Chicken team.

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