March 23, 2023
Shane's Rib Shack Menu or Shanes Menu by Shane Jordan is a very known and famous vegetarian chef in the restaurant industry.

Shane’s Rib Shack Menu Prices – Latest Menu List 2022

Shane’s Rib Shack Menu: The site is provided Shane’s Rib Shack menu prices. Shane’s Rib Shack is a fast-casual restaurant that specializes in BBQ particularly Southern-style sides including hand-chopped pork and chicken, as well as slow-cooked Baby back ribs. 

The restaurant has outlets in 11 states, however, the majority of them are located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Below are the most current Shane’s Rib Shack menu prices.

Food Price

Shane’s Rib Shack Includes Two Sides & Texas Toast

Pork $8.99
BBQ Chicken $8.99
Half Chicken $8.99
Shack Sampler $10.99
Two Meat Plate $13.49
Half Rack Ribs $12.49
Full Rack Ribs $19.99

Shane’s Rib Shack Meat Only Menu 2022

Half Pound (Pork) $5.99
Half Pound (BBQ Chicken) $5.99
Full Pound (Pork) $9.99
Full Pound (BBQ Chicken) $9.99
Half Rack Ribs $10.99
Full Rack Ribs $16.99

Shane’s Rib Shack Sandwiches Menu 2022

“Big Dad” $5.79
Smothered Pork $6.39
BBQ Chicken $5.79
Chicken Salad $5.79
Chicken Tender $5.79

Shane’s Rib Shack Sides Menu 2022

Baked Beans (small) $1.59
Baked Beans (medium) $2.79
Baked Beans (large) $4.99
Coleslaw (small) $1.59
Coleslaw (medium) $2.79
Coleslaw (large) $4.99
Brunswick Stew (small) $1.84
Brunswick Stew (medium) $3.29
Brunswick Stew (large) $5.74
Potato Salad (small) $1.59
Potato Salad (medium) $2.79
Potato Salad (large) $4.99
Mac & Cheese (small) $1.84
Mac & Cheese (medium) $3.29
Mac & Cheese (large) $5.74
French Fries (small) $1.59
French Fries (medium) $2.79
French Fries (large) $4.99
Side Salad (small) $1.59
Side Salad (medium) $2.79
Side Salad (large) $4.99
Green Beans (small) $1.59
Green Beans (medium) $2.79
Green Beans (large) $4.99

Shane’s Rib Shack Kid’s Pack Menu 2022

Chicken Tenders $3.99
Mac-N-Cheese $3.99
Grilled Cheese $3.99

Shane’s Rib Shack Drinks Menu 2022

Fountain Beverages (20oz.) $1.59
Fountain Beverages (32oz.) $1.89
Iced Tea (20oz.) $1.59
Iced Tea (32oz.) $1.89
Bottled Water $1.59
Gallon Tea Or Lemonade $3.99

Shane’s Rib Shack Desserts Menu 2022

Brownie $2.79
Cookie (1-piece) $0.79
Cookie (2-piece) $1.29
Cobbler $1.99

Shane’s Rib Shack Tenders Menu 2022

3 Piece $4.99
4 Piece $5.99
6 Piece $7.99
Additional Dipping Sauce $0.30

Shane’s Rib Shack Salads menu 2022

Shack Salad (Pork) $6.99
Shack Salad (BBQ Chicken) $6.99
Chicken Tender Salad (fried) $6.99
Chicken Tender Salad (grilled) $6.99
Chicken Salad Salad $6.99

Shane’s Rib Shack Reviews

Shane’s Rib Shack offers not only delicious food but also service that is reliable and attention to detail. loyalty and reliability. They know that each event is unique and offers customization of the menu.

They offer a variety of catering packages. The first is a choice of one of two types of meat, barbecue chicken or pork, and two items as side dishes. They also have the option of two types of meat along with ribs, chicken BBQ, or pork.

Shane’s Rib Shack offers an affordable price compared to other restaurants that offer barbecue and ribs with regard to the size of the portion.

A small group of four people, the rib plate with drinks and sides can cost anywhere from $60 to $80. For a moderately sized group of six, barbecue or ribs is priced between $95 and $115.

You can choose to have your order delivered or picked up. Staff members at Shane’s Rib Shack will assist you with catering needs.

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Shane’s Rib Shack History

The Shack began operations in 2002, with Shane as well as Stacey Thompson picking an old Shack along the roadside of Highway 55 off McDonough, Georgia as their location. From the beginning, the BBQ sauce Shane’s grandfather invented was incorporated into the recipes.

Since its opening, Shane’s Rib Shack has been one of the fastest-growing BBQ establishments throughout the US with over 85 locations as of the year 2008. Some of their most requested menu items include The Shack Sampler, Full Rack Ribs, BBQ Chicken, and pork. You can also get a “Big Dad” sandwich “Big Dad” sandwich or perhaps a chicken salad as well as BBQ Chicken.

If you’re looking for a few drinks, they have lemonade, iced tea or fountain drinks They also have brownies, cookies, and cobblers to eat for dessert. 

The Shack also offers salads, including the Shack Salad (BBQ Chicken) as well as The Chicken Tender Salad along with much more. It is also possible to try the wings (smoked or traditional) for a taste, and tenders ranging from 3 to 6 pieces are also available.

For more information on Shane’s Rib Shack, go to the online website.