March 23, 2023
Shoprite Catering Menu Prices 2021. Full restaurant menu with prices up-dated for 2021. Meals, lunch, dinner, drinks, and kids menu.

Shoprite Catering Menu: You can choose from a wide range of items on their menu. There is something for everyone, even the pickiest of eaters. You can find a wide variety of cuisines at Wegmans including Asian, Mediterranean, sushi and fresh fruits and vegetables, sandwiches and wraps as well as international cheeses and many entrees.

For around $125, a small group of 12 would be able to get entrees and a side dish with a fruit platter or vegetable platter. There are many options for entrees. 

There are many options for entrees. You can choose from Lasagna, chicken parmesan, Lasagna or sliced honey brined Turkey breast, beef tenderloin, and many other options.

Shoprite Catering Menu

For $195, a larger group of 16 would be able to order entrees and side meals with vegetables or fruits. You have many options when it comes to sides: quinoa, coleslaw, roasted veggies, garlicky greens, and kale.

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For around $240, 20 people would get two main courses with side dishes and desserts. This value gives you so many options and your guests will love your party.

Shoprite Catering Menu 2022

Item Price

Shoprite Catering Party Starters Menu 2022

Antipasto $34.99
Asian Dumplings and Spring Rolls $32.99
Chicken Tenders $0.00
Chicken Wings $34.99
Crowd Pleaser $42.99
Deviled Eggs $19.99
Mezze Platter $39.99
Mozzarella Tomato Shooters $25.99
Poppers $24.99
Poseidon’s Delight Market Price
Shrimp and Crab Claws $89.95
Shrimp Platter Market Price
Spinach Dip Bread Bowl $15.99
Stuffed Bread $29.99
Sushi Market Price
Tex-Mex Layer Dip $18.96
Tuscan Antipasto $45.95
Vegetable Platter $32.94

Shoprite Catering Breakfast & Brunch Menu 2022

Baked Oatmeal $54.96
Breads & Rolls Market Price
Breakfast Casserole $34.97
Fruit Salad $26.97
Health Bowl $36.93
Quiches $20.96
Sliced Fruit Platter $34.95
Smoked Fish Display Market Price
Smoked Salmon Display $39.98

Shoprite Catering The Main Event Menu 2022

Brisket Market Price
Crown Pork Roast Market Price
Organic Beef Market Price
Prime Rib Market Price
Rack of Lamb Market Price
Whole Turkey Market Price

Shoprite Catering Midday Meals Menu 2022

Beef Tenderloin Sandwiches $134.99
Chicken Italiano $39.99
Club House Sandwich Platter $39.99
Clubhouse $39.99
Finger or Croissant Sandwiches Market Price
Fixin’s Platter $8.99
Grilled Chicken Sandwiches $65.99
Hoagies Your choice, any Market Price
Roll-Ups $39.99
Sloppy Joes $45.99

ShopRite catering Menu Pros

ShopRite’s rich history, which draws inspiration from the desire for fair prices, makes it clear that they are a company that values their customers more than anything else.

They will provide you with great value and high-quality food. To ensure you receive the best service, they deliver the food to your home.

They will provide the best food and service to their customers at an affordable price.

How to order from ShopRite catering Menu

ShopRite caters to the best price. ShopRite offers a wide range of party platters at amazing prices.

Order online or call the branch nearest you. You can find the nearest store by using their branch locator.

There are many options for you to choose from, including deli platters or sandwich platters, sushi and seafood platters, chicken and wings platters, and more.

If you have a large order, you can pick up your order during store hours.

For a business lunch meeting, you can’t go wrong if you order a sandwich platter and a deli platter. For entertaining at home, you can choose from Asian dumplings, Roman Holiday Deli platter or fruit salad platter.

You can also find a wide selection of wines to match your classic party theme.

ShopRite Catering Menu Reviews

You need to ensure that your guests have a great time at your party. You will need to provide great food, great music, and a comfortable venue for your guests to enjoy themselves.

A small group of 10 would pay around $70 for a buffalo wings platter with a mozzarella and tomato shooter plate. A small group of 15 would pay around $100 for a classic shrimp platter or a cheese platter. A large group of 20 would pay around $125 for a New York Deli Platter or Fruit Salad Platter.

ShopRite offers many other options. ShopRite’s website offers many options to help you plan your next party.

These prices are great for catering events. This is a great option for any event you host. ShopRite caterers are a great choice for your next event.

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