March 23, 2023
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smokey Bones Catering Menu: Smokey Bones is an American chain of bar and grill restaurants. The restaurant’s headquarters is located in Aventura Florida. In 1999, the restaurant opened its first Orlando location. It is now located in 16 Eastern States, with more than 66 restaurants.

This restaurant is well-known for its open flame grill and barbecue menu. The restaurant offers catering services for special events and meetings. 

They have a set of menu specials that they offer on certain days. This is a unique feature of the restaurant. Mondays are the All-You-Can-Devour Wings Special.

smokey bones catering menu

Catering customers can have their menus and food lists customized to suit every event. Customers can pick their preference and have it flame-grilled right on the spot.

Smokey Bones Catering Menu Prices 2022

Item Price

Smokey Bones Family Packs Menu 2022

Family Feast $20.99
Family Wing Meal $27.99
Family Favorite $59.99
Family Reunion (serves 100) $679.00
Switch it up $29.99
Switch it up $18.49
Smokey Bones Office Packs Menu 2022
The Manager $59.99
The Executive $119.99
The Chairman $249.99
Switch it up $7.49
Switch it up $8.29
Pulled Pork Part Pack $5.49
Smokey Bones A La Carte (Salads) Menu 2022
House Salad (half) $10.99
House Salad (full) $16.99
Caesar Salad (half) $11.99
Caesar Salad (full) $17.99
Nutty Chicken Salad (half) $25.99
Nutty Chicken Salad (full) $35.99
Smokey Bones BBQ by the Pound Menu 2022
Hand-pulled pork $11.99
Smoked Beef Brisket $12.49
Sliced Smoked Turkey $12.49
Whole BBQ Chicken $10.99/each
Smokey Bones Baby Back Ribs Menu 2022
2 Racks (serves 2-4) $35.99
4 Racks (serves 4-6) $69.99
6 Racks (serves 6-12) $99.99
Smokey Bones Smoked St. Louis Ribs Menu 2022
2 Racks (serves 2-4) $30.99
4 Racks (serves 4-6) $59.99
6 Racks (serves 6-12) $89.99
Smokey Bones Chicken Wings Menu 2022
25 Wings $19.99
50 Wings $37.99
100 Wings $74.99
30 Chicken Fingers $27.99
Smokey Bones Bigger Sides Menu Prices 2022
Baked Beans (pint) $5.99
Baked Beans (quart) $9.49
Creamy Cole Slaw (pint) $5.99
Creamy Cole Slaw (quart) $9.49
Fire Roasted Corn (pint) $5.99
Fire Roasted Corn (quart) $9.49
Mashed Potatoes with Gravy (pint) $5.99
Mashed Potatoes with Gravy (quart) $9.49
Smokey Bones Soup Bucket Menu 2022
Soup of the Day (pint) $5.99
Soup of the Day (quart) $9.49
Brunswick Stew (pint) $5.99
Brunswick Stew (quart) $9.49
Smokey Bones Sauces Menu 2022
BBQ Sauce (pint) $3.49
BBQ Sauce (quart) $6.29
Mustard BBQ (pint) $3.49
Mustard BBQ (quart) $6.29
Dozen Donuts $7.49
Smokey Bones Drinks Menu 2022
Iced Tea (serves10) $4.99/gallon
Flavored Iced Teas (serves10) $4.99/gallon
Flavored Lemonades (serves10) $4.99/gallon
Individual Bottles (IBC Root Beer or IBC Cream Soda Water) $2.49
Individual Can (Red Bull) $3.99

Smokey bones Catering Menu Pros

Smokey bones offer three things to their customers: good drinks and good food. Every customer will enjoy a delicious barbecue session at the restaurant.

Customers are offered a simple, but the unique menu. Their steaks are medium-rare and their pork slow-cooked. All food is freshly prepared and grilled at the restaurant.

The restaurant offers catering services that are easy to use and convenient. The restaurant is able to cater for any occasion, including small or large parties, family reunions, business meetings, and family reunions.


Customers need to be able to order at the restaurant by following three steps. Next, choose from the available menu items. The third step is to complete your checkout.

Customers have the option to choose from either party packs or bulk orders. Their party packs can accommodate 25 to 2000 people. The party packs include a variety of menu options, including a pulled pork party rack and a family feast.

The restaurant offers a family reunion pack that can be used for family reunions. This pack includes pork, chicken, and side dishes, as well as bread. You can host up to 100 people.

Orders for events exceeding 50 people must be placed 48 hours before the event. Orders for small events must be placed 24 hours before the event.

Online orders can be placed through the official website, via email, or by direct phone calls. All locations accept cash payments and credit cards.


Customers have the option of choosing the ala carte menus or party packages from restaurants. The ala carte menu is best for smaller events of 10-20 guests.

Prices for the menu vary depending on how many people are included. The price will go up if there are more guests. Catering services are more expensive because they require more chicken or pork.

Prices for barbecue sauces will vary depending on their size. You can purchase the sauces in either quarter- or pint sizes. The prices for soup and side dishes are the same.

Orders can be picked up or delivered depending on the customer’s preference. Orders can be picked up at the closest location. For deliveries, the delivery location closest to the address will be responsible.

Every food on the menu has nutrition and allergen information. Their customers are provided with enough information and background by the smokey bones.

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Smokey Bones Corporate Office Phone Number: 1 407-363-1972

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